Sunday, May 27, 2007

It was a Good Try...

8 and 1/2 hours to Tulsa, Oklahoma. 8 1/2 hours back. 17 hours total. That's how many hours we spent in the car this weekend for my father-in-law's surprise 60th birthday party. Only to find out, upon arrival in Tulsa, that the party was no longer a surprise. Someone accidentally spilled the beans.

At least they didn't tell us before we arrived. When you drive that many hours in a short amount of time, it helps to know that when you get there, you'll get the satisfaction of seeing a 60-year-old man flip out when he realizes that his family drove from across Texas to tell him they love him.

AHHhhhh, oh well. I love my in-laws, so I was excited to see them, surprise or no surprise. And my father-in-law was grinning from ear to ear the entire party.

He couldn't have cared less if it was a surprise.


kddub said...

yeah, it's hard to surprise people! My father in law had his surprise party this weekend but we were not able to make the trip to CA for it.

I am sure he loved having you there surprise or no surprise!

euphrony said...

Surprises. How do you do that?

To tell you how good at surprising people I am, let me relate this story. I buy an engagement ring, and the day before I am going to propose to the future Mrs. E she finds the receipt. That's right, she has a full day to ponder the fact that I'm popping the question. Well, she still said yes, but after the wedding it happened again. To celebrate one month, I go to buy flowers. As I walk up to the flower shop, I see Mrs. E scurring away trying hard not to be seen. She had gone to the same flower shop at the same time as me.

It's gone on like this ever since. Just this last Christmas, she innocently asks Lil'E what daddy got mommy for Christmas
(innocent, HA!). What do you expect a three-year old did? She told. No surprise present this year. It drives me crazy at times.

FancyPants said...

Well, seeing as how I am not the one who spilled the beans, I think I can offer a little bit of advice on keeping secrets.

#1) 3 year olds cannot be trusted. My brother could never keep secrets from my mom about her presents. She wouldn't even ask him. He just couldn't contain it anymore and would bust out with, "I know what Dad got you!" Then...the present revealed.

#2) Hide receipts, unless you're married to an A.D.D. spouse, and then don't worry about it because they won't notice anyways.

Now, the flower fiasco, that's just funny. No advice there. I think you just might be doomed. No surprises for you.

euphrony said...

I did hide the reciept. She still stumbled across it. As to the three-year old, she was doing fine until mom asked. The moral of the story is that mom knew better and was fishing. The flowers, that has happened multiple times, not just once. Pittiful.

How was Tulsa, for the five minutes you were there. I was up there two weeks ago and the rain the were having had everything very green.

FancyPants said...

Still raining up in Tulsa. But it was gorgeous. It was a beautiful drive.

kat said...

Is anyone ever surprised at a surprise party?

I'm sure he was thrilled to have you there, though.

FancyPants said...

I threw Seth a surprise party once. He plays at our church, so after the service I had this lunch/party thing upstairs waiting for him. The music minister was supposed to bring him upstairs, but it took them so long to get up there. So we're waiting and waiting and I finally go downstairs to check on them. They're not there. I'm thinking, no way they were walking up a different set of stairs while I was walking down....

So I run back upstairs to find Seth in the middle of the room, already surprised. I threw the dadgum party for him, and I MIISSED THE SURPRISE!

Go figure.

He had no idea. So I pulled off the surprise. Just didn't get to enjoy it.

Mz Jackson said...

See why I tried not to tell y'all he knew?
For more on this party, come visit me. Great pic of dad!