Sunday, May 13, 2007

I don't believe in signs or anything, but I saw a link on Yahoo that I couldn't resist. It was a list of famous people with the Taurus sign. I clicked on it hoping to find Audrey Hepburn shared my birthday, or someone really great like that.

Guess who I found shares my birthday?

THIS guy!

Great. That's just great.


Rob said...

FP, I don't think sharing a birthday confers any other character traits automatically, so you can relax ... you're still walking in the light!

Now, being it's Mother's Day and all, I have to ask ... What did his mom think when he was born? What were the dreams she had for her little boy? I think she must have loved him as all mothers love their children.

None of us knows where our children will go or what they will become. All we can do is love them and give them to God.

Every time I get mad at somebody (it happens too often), I wonder how their mother felt about them. Seems to help a bit.

kddub said... how do you feel about America?

Rob said...

I'm sure the British thought it was a fine place! :-)

Rob said...

FP, I did a bit of research. Seth posted your birthday announcement on 4/29 implying that was the day. Wikipedia gives April 28, 1937 as the birth date of the gentleman in the photo.

Inquiring minds want to know!

FancyPants said...

Seth was a day late.

April 28.

Or maybe it was after midnight that he posted. That's more likely. He's good about remembering my birthday. It's about the only thing he's good at remembering. =-)

FancyPants said...

I love America! I promise!

operamom said...


FancyPants said...


I'm so glad you're here! I hope you keep blogging. We've missed you in the blogosphere. Well, I miss ya in the real world, too.

Thanks to you we can't stop watching 24. But don't tell me ANYTHING. We've only just finished season 3 and you guys are way ahead.

FancyPants said...

Oh, by the way, OpMom. I checked your birthday on the list and you had only really cool people. I can't remember who, though, but no evil dictators share the celebration of your birth. Just so ya know.

Susanne said...

My Dad's birthday is only a few days after yours, and he's pretty cool. :)

I know that John Wayne had my birthday, so I'll have to look to see who else shares May 26. Fun.

Susanne said...

FP, I say you're off the hook because it looks like you also share your b'day with Harper Lee, who (in my opinion) wrote the greatest novel ever!!

Don't feel bad about daughter apparently shares her b'day with Ayatolla Khomeini!

Rob said...

Actually, it just hit dad's birthday was April 28. You're in good company FP.