Sunday, May 27, 2007

My! What Fancy Pants I Have!

So how do you like my pants? Pretty fancy, huh?


The Cachinnator said...

I like. I first noticed with your comment over on my blog. I thought, "Well done, Fancy."

Apparently, you agree!

FancyPants said...

Yes, I do happen to agree. I couldn't help but bring it to everyone else's attention.


kddub said...

I do like them, did you draw that?

FancyPants said...

Sadly, no.

Chaotic Hammer said...

It looks just like the FancyPants video game thingy.

FancyPants said...


As long as we don't tell them, they won't know right?

We'll just keep it our little secret for the fancied friends here at the FP Factory.