Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Untitled Tuesday

Thought I'd share some of my favorite music with you. Hopefully every Tuesday. Shall we call it Tuesday's Tunes? Or A Tune for Tuesday? Or Tunariffic Tuesdays? I don't know, let me know if it comes to you.

I think a good song writer is one who gets into the soul of a thing. Lyrically, musically, artistically. Ben Folds is one of my favorite song writers. Rather than talk about it, I'll just let you listen.

Let me know if you have trouble playing it. Just click on the link. And hopefully the greatness will not be hindered by the poor sound quality of the squished flat frequencies of an uploaded MP3 file blaring out of your tiny computer speakers. If you like what you hear, I highly recommend purchasing it from iTunes or wherever you do that sort of thing. It's worth it to hear it well. Let me know what you think, and if it makes you think of a song or an artist you like, let me know that, too, so I can check it out.

He wrote this for his son. This is Still Fighting It.


Mz Jackson said...

How about "Tunesday?"

FancyPants said...

I like! Nice work, Mz. J.

kddub said...

I love that song, makes me cry every time