Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I should drink more water. It's the best thing for you. Good for your skin, good for weight control, good for your overall health, and good for my sadly dehydrated vocal chords from 2 cups of coffee every morning.

But here's my problem. I think drinking water is boring. It doesn't taste very good, just plain. So I thought I'd branch out and try some of that flavored spring water I've been seeing at Target.

Of all the bottled water for sale on the shelf at Target, of all the Ozarka, Dasani, and Evian. Of all the different flavors, watermelon kiwi, mixed berry, grape.....why in the h### did I choose "Unsweetened Spearmint"?

Unsweetened Spearmint?

What was I thinking?

This stuff is disgusting.

Why did I think that water that tastes like minty gum would taste refreshing? Dumb dumb dumb.

I am so mad that I spent 3 bucks on four plastic spearment flavored spring water bottles that are bound together with such tough plastic material that it takes 5 minutes with the scissors to loose just one.

I am so annoyed at myself for not being able to enjoy my water. Just stick with Ozarka, people. Good ole' natural flavored spring water.


kat said...

Yeah, I tried flavored water once (I think it was lemon-something) and it was pretty much the most disgusting drink I'd ever tasted.

Unsweetened does sound pretty nasty.

kddub said...

that does sound nasty.

my kids like the propel water flavored like kiwi strawberry.

FancyPants said...

Nasty, indeed.

Kiwi strawberry sounds much better. Maybe I'll try that.

Matt and Shelley said...

Hi Fancypants - It is nice to meet you! Any friend of The Stan is definitely a friend of mine, although it sounds like we have some stuff in common as well!

Sufjan Stevens is pretty rad. Did you know that I met him? There is a picture of me with Sufjan on my blog. Check out the entry on December 12th, 2006. I wish I could say that I was cool enough to make friends with him, but I think he thought we were pretty lame, actually.

Have you heard of the Christopher O'Riley classical renditions of songs by Radiohead and Elliot Smith? They are really neat.

Isn't it great how The Stan has the power to bring people from all over the country together? Love that Stan.

truevyne said...

Dear Fancy,
I'm the strange one in that I love water, ice cold water. Even better with just a little lemon. I think I overdosed on Coke when I was a kid and now I don't like Coke at all and only sprite upon rare occasions. Weird, huh?

FancyPants said...

Hey Shelley!

First of all, let me first say a big thank you for using the word "rad." I use it all the time and Seth laughs at me and says it's so "out." And I say, "Well, then, I'm bringing it back in."

And not fair at all that you've met Sufjan. But I think if he thought you were lame it's probably just cuz he's pretty weird himself. I haven't been to a concert yet but want to really bad.

And yes, The Stan rocks. Especially his story about Mexico.


You're not weird at all. Most people I know like water very much. I don't like Coke either. It makes my teeth grit together because I think it tastes like sugary metal. However, DIET Coke, I love. And most people gag at that, but oh well.

Chaotic Hammer said...

With a few occasional exceptions, water is pretty much the only thing I ever drink.

And we're not talking cold water, we're talking room temperature water. I know some people don't like it that way, but once you get accustomed to drinking it as your main source of hydration, you'd be surprised how quickly you grow to enjoy it.

The Cachinnator said...

Officially: You are never allowed to talk about your concern for "weight control."

FancyPants said...

Well well, Sir Laughsalot....

(Note my fancy shmancy picture to the right.)

It takes work to fit into these here fancy pants, you see. Of course, you're right...silly me...worrying about weight loss when perhaps it would behoove me to first worry about growing some arms.

The Stan said...

Well...don't know what to say. I'm loved!

Anway, this story is funny! Here's what I do: drink regular water at room temperature. You'll wind up drinking a LOT more of it because somehow, it doesn't quite quench your thirst.

I like ice cold water, but where I'd drink maybe an 8 oz. glass of ice cold water in one setting, I could easily down 32 oz. in a few gulps if its room temperature. Doesn't taste as good or refreshing, but it keeps you hydrated.

FancyPants said...

I did try some Propel flavored water after I threw away the Spearnasty. It was pretty good! I tried tangerine or something like that, because it had calcium and I figure since I hate milk, I need my calcium.

But I also bought regular Ozarka, and The Stan, I agree, room temp. is best. Cold water isn't as good for the vocal chords for some reason. Not like you really care about that, but for some reason, it's supposed to be true.