Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bad Habits

When I get mad at Seth for refusing to use the dirty clothes hamper, he reminds me of this little habit of mine.

Here it is at another angle:

Those are all my shoes, except that one greenish pair. Those are Seth's really rad green shoes. And those are my incredibly pink sandals. Wow, those are really pink.


So I can't get mad at Seth for not using the dirty clothes hamper until I defeat this habit of taking off my shoes and leaving them under the coffee table. Or else he'll always be equipped with ammunition to strike back.

Me: Seth, the middle of the bedroom is not the place for your dirty socks! Why can't you just drop them in the hamper?

Seth: Well, under the coffee table is not the place for all your shoes. Why can't you just drop them in the closet?

Dangit. See, then he doesn't have to pick up his socks because all my shoes are strung out.

I've got to break this habit. I've got to. This logic can't be fair. You mean I have to be neat and tidy to expect him to be neat and tidy? Dangit. That's not how it's supposed to work.


kddub said...

I think the shoes under the coffee table is less offensive because they are technically hidden from view, and dirty clothes not in the hamper are smellier to pick up. He may argue that your shoes smell too, but we all know that boys smell more than girls!

That's a funny habit by the way.... you should just put a basket under there, and choose that as your shoe's spot!

truevyne said...

I've got it! A way around Seth...put a beautiful basket under the coffee table and insist, it IS a shoe basket and has always belonged there. I have shoe shelves/baskets by both the front and back doors of my house. Now, let's just hope he doesn't buy a hamper and put it in the middle of your bedroom floor.

SandinaJ said...

I was going to tell you to just put a basket under the table and then that will be your shoe excuse....

But if I say that then it won't sound original.

Good luck buddy!

FancyPants said...

Kddub, I agree. The shoe thing is way less offensive. But he doesn't seem to think so.

Wow, I've never really thought of a shoe basket....ever. We never had shoe baskets when I was a kid.

Mz Jackson said...

I'm sorry, my dear, but dirty socks in the floor are a far greater offense than shoes under the coffee table. Plus, I note that his are there too.
He is diverting you from his problem by pointing out yours. Classic Seth move.
Yes, Seth, I know you're reading this, and don't forget, I KNOW YOU LITTLE STINKER!!

Chaotic Hammer said...


This sure comes across as a whole bunch of girls all ganging up on one poor guy.

I'm just sayin'.

Seth Ward said...

Honestly, I find the shoes quite pleasing, as I do the socks and underoos in the floor.

If I don't leave them there, she will never know she needs to wash them.


FancyPants said...

Oh Seth...Seth Seth Seth.

You really don't want to go there.

And, incidentally, I LOVE sister-in-laws! Especially when they're on my side! You're exactly right Mz. J, and thank you for calling him out. It is a classic Seth move, and like I said, I've GOT to find a way around it.

C-Ham: sometimes it's necessary. In this case I am particularly enjoying the girl gang.

And for the record, there is no "poor guy" in this circumstance.

euphrony said...

I would like to point out that there are, on the left side of the picture, a pair of high heels that are distinctly not underneath the coffee table. In addition, they rest, as is their proclivity, with the pointed heel upwards. This constitutes a safety hazard to bare feet - a very painful experience to those caught unaware, say in a darkened room or with the shoes appearing since his last trip through that area. Trust me, I speak from experience here, a dispersion of dirty clothes is no where near as dangerous as a pair of shoes left willy-nilly about the house.

Mz Jackson said...

Mr. Jackson loves to take his socks off by the bed and then swears he's going to wear them more later. HE NEVER DOES! He goes and gets another pair, then they end up in the same place. Pretty soon there are four pairs of socks by the bed.
I guess I should be happy he's not putting the dirty socks back on.

Did I mention his sock spot is TWO FEET from the hamper?? Within throwing distance??

FancyPants said...


I will concede, that's true. But I will only concede because I have stubbed many a toe on Seth's big clunker boots in the bedroom. See, he doesn't leave them under the coffee table but they do usually appear somewhere in the bedroom where I least likely expect them. Hence, the stubbed toes.

Any stepping on heels that he does is deserved, perhaps we could even call it....karma?

Mz J,

About the dirty clothes ending up within throwing distance of the hamper. I know! I didn't mention it before, but since he brought it up earlier...his "underoos," as he puts it. They will end up on the floor next to the hamper or even hanging from the side of the hamper! (Which is progress.) I ask him, if you got them this close, why not all the way in? His answer: I threw them in while getting into the shower. Sometimes I miss.


And...that is so weird about the socks, because Seth says the same thing. But then always wears a clean pair the next day. Is that a male thing, guys? You think you're going to wear your socks again the next day? Why in the world would you do that when you've got a perfectly clean pair in your sock drawer? I guess your reasoning if off before bedtime, then you wake up the next morning and make the clean choice....?

Rob said...

OK guys. Marriage 101. You've got to consider others more important than your own if you're going to survive. This "if you do this, then I'll do that" is not a recipe for success.

Spend your time trying to figure out what *you* can do to please your spouse instead of what you want them to do to please you and you will both end up a lot happier.

Just a few unsolicited words from the other end of the journey.

FancyPants said...

Seth, did you hear that? You're supposed to be pleasing me. So pick your socks up, what are you waiting for?

Ha ha. (Just kidding, Rob.)

Seth Ward said...

Rob. I thought you were a Baptist...

Baptist Marraige 101:

1. Women Obey! (Eph 5:22)

And my personal Pauline favorite...

2. Women, be silent. (Cor 14:34)

FancyPants said...

Seth, you're an ass.

SandinaJ said...

HA!! Go Amber. Spoken like a true baptist!