Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tunesday: Eva Cassidy...Different Song than Before

Ohmygosh. This is so irritating. I can't get the thing to embed. Trying something new that didn't work. I wanted to show you one song, but I can't.

For all of you who've already been here and listened, I'm sorry. I'm changing the tune again. The link below wasn't working for me. Nothing's working! I'm irritated.

Anyway, here is Eva Cassidy's "Over the Rainbow." No one sings it like Judy Garland, but Eva's a close second. I'm sure most of you have heard of Eva, but if not...she was relativily unknown outside of her hometown of Washington D.C. when she died of melanoma in 1996. Since then her records have sold more than 4 million copies. She's one of my favorite singers.

This version was played at our wedding - voice and classical guitar. Beautiful. The tune was also a part of Seth's proposal, but I'll share that later...someday...maybe.

DISCLAIMER: This track contains awful synthesized sounds toward the middle of the track. PLEASE IGNORE.

Song: Over the Rainbow
Artist: Eva Cassidy
Album: Songbird

Listen here. For real this time.


Dan B (no, not Bennett, think harder) said...

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Judy is pure magic on these shows. The group also has audio files of her first concert at The Palladium in 1951, as well as both her songs from Valley Of The Dolls, taped phone conversations, interviews, radio spots, and more! The group membership includes Garland family members, authors, people who have made movies about Judy, other celebrities, and fans of all levels.
Truly, the most eclectic membership of any of the Garland groups or clubs. The only thing missing is you! Please stop by our little Judyville, once you visit you may never want to leave!

FancyPants said...

Uh. Thanks.

Suzanne, if you're reading...I tried to embed my player and it wouldn't work. How did you get yours to embed?

The code it gave me was wrong or something....????