Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tunesday and Other Things

The posts will most likely be few and far between this week. Crazy rehearsal schedule and stressful last minute details to work out for The Sound of Music.

There's a great discussion still going on here, if anyone wants to jump on board. Baptism required or not required for salvation? Church fathers. Who holds the authority to interpret Scripture? Alot in one thread, really. But if you haven't been following and would like to, go for it.

Staying true to Tunesday, I MUST post this find by my new blogging friend, Shelley. Anyone ever watch Neverending Story? You won't want to miss this. Who knew the tune was sung by this guy? Ha! And if Shelley doesn't mind, and I hope she doesn't because I didn't ask her permission, I'm using her question. What's your favorite part of this video? I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.

Song: The Neverending Story
Artist: Limahl

Embedding is disabled. Click here. Please!!!! Just do it. Click. You won't regret it. I promise.


Matt and Shelley said...

Classic. Just classic. I am so glad you shared! Thank you for the honor. In my book, the more people who know about Limahl, the better off the world is.

I just watched The Neverending Story the other night, and it is even more wonderful than I remembered! You have to watch it again as an adult. In fact, I realized that I really didn't understand even the most basic plot elements back then, and it felt good to say in my head, "Ah, that's why Bastien has the power to save Fantasia!!"

I won't tell you my favorite part of the video since you and I share the same one and I don't want to spoil it for your readers. My second favorite part is definitely the way he pronounces "stars." It sounds more like "Staaarzzz." Gotta love Limahl.

I can share with you my favorite funny part in The Neverending story. Do you remember when Bastian is reading the part when Atreju and Artex and eating, so he says, "That's a great idea!" with regards to eating and whips out a PB&J. But then he looks solemnly at his sandwich and says that that he better not eat, because he has a long way to go. That's a great part.

The Neverending Story...Ahahahahahah!

FancyPants said...

No Limahl fans here, huh? Either no one has seen Neverending Story, or Limahl's half-lid stares into the camera offend, or Shelley and I are the only ones who think this is funny...or...you didn't watch the video.

You didn't watch the video, did you?

Chaotic Hammer said...

Hey! I watched the video.

I think I remember seeing this with my daughter when she was young. I don't really remember much about the movie, though I do remember the big dragon that looked like a dog.

In the video, I was sorta freaked out by that guy's hair. Not sure what else to say about it.

Matt and Shelley said...

What the heck? Why are people not totally into Limahl??? I think that's a serious diss to Limahl, and maybe even The Neverending Story!! That's okay, Fancy. You always have a friend who loves Limahl in me.

FancyPants said...

Thank you, Shelley.

Long live Lamahl!