Friday, April 27, 2007

My week

One week of choreography down, one to go.

When I choreograph choirs, I try to stay away from this: (Either this camera dad is the worst camera dad EVER, or he's had a bit too much Chivas Regal before the choir concert.... But if you listen carefully toward the beginning of the show, you'll hear his opinion on this priceless work of song and dance.

This is a bit long, so no need to watch the whole thing.

I go for more of this idea: (Minus the cheesy solo shots at the beginning)

OK, maybe that's stretching it a little. Especially when the conversations while choreographing go like this:

High School Male: Mrs. FancyPants, when we do the kick ball change, do we kick with our right?

Mrs. FancyPants: Yes, but when you do do the kick ball change, make sure you step back with the same foot you kick with.

High School Male: (to his friend) Huh-huh. She just said doo doo.

But you know, it could be worse. How bout, just stand there and sing while a girl struts her stuff in front of the choir! (You have to keep watching on this one.)


SandinaJ said...

So on video #1, is that the one you've already finished? And didn't we do that same piece in 9th or 10th grade? I know I've done it some time in my life because I knew all the transitions from song to song.

Anyway, my favorite part is when "Drunk Dad" says, "Oh great." as they come skipping on stage. That is so something my dad or brother probably did when they were forced to watch my choir concerts.

On video #3, how awesome would it be to land the role of the strutter! Lucky gal!

The Cachinnator said...

Why am I picturing Seth and me as the two high school males?

FancyPants said...


No, I did NOT choreograph video #1. Found it on you tube. The illustration was actually to show what I try not to do. Just to clarify, there.

And yes, I think we sang Disney Spectacular in 9th grade.

But we had people dressed up in giant Seven Dwarfs costumes. I later found out that someone in one of those costumes came to the show high on something.

FancyPants said...


Because you guys laugh when people accidentally say doo doo?

Or maybe because you guys would be the ones laughing in the middle of the grey haired ladies choir.

SandinaJ said...

I must have blocked out the people dressing up as dwarfs. I think I remember who came to school high on something in the 9th grade.

Wasn't she tripping acid? Us being the naive ones couldn't get it straight between "dropping acid" or "tripping on acid" and we came up with the catch phrase "dripping acid". I think we're thinking the same person, right? Starts with a "D"? Mrs. K. even wanted to check to see if her eyes were dilated.

Funny the things you remember.

kddub said...

"OH great"... ha ha ha

Video #3.... the strutter's parents must be so proud.

Baca's Head said...