Thursday, April 26, 2007

Herbert S. Crotch

Unfortunately, last night, Seth clicked accidentally on the words "Delete Blog" of the wrong blog, and consequently erased the very blog he wished to keep. If you've tried to get to Seth's blog but find yourself re-reading 2006 posts, that's because no one can read his 2007 posts. They're gone. Poof. Vanished. With one click of a mouse.

He's working on restoring them.

In the meantime, a fellow by the name of Herbert Sebastian Crotch has mysteriouly appeared in the blogosphere. Interesting bloke, really. A friend of Seth's that has a few things to say about the way things are. Interesting bloke, that Herb.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry... I'm sure it's very stressful and all... but Seth accidentally deleting his blog is one of the funniest things I've heard all week. Forgive my overdeveloped sense of the ridiculous.

Seth Ward said...

I must admit. It is funny. I would laugh, hard, if it were someone else.

But you sir, are a bastard extraordinaire for saying so.

euphrony said...

I laughed, too, at Seth's "oops".

Seth, I understand that Google keeps a backup of the internet, so if you contact them you may be in luck. If not Google, the call Microsoft - they spy on everyone who willingly admits to owning and using a Mac, so I'm sure they've got a record of your blog. To get it from them you may have to repent and buy a PC, though.

And, frankly, this Herbert S. Crotch fellow scares me a little.

Herbert S. Crotch said...

Euphrony. Be not afraid! I come in peace!

I enjoy your blog immensely. Hopefully we can be friends.

Why do I scare you btw? Just curious. I admit, my size and large vocabulary has been known to intimidate but have I said something wrong? I am new to blogging etiquette so any help would be appreciated.

(That goes for all my new friends.)

euphrony said...

HSC, let's just say that, even electronically, you come across as larger than life. It's like walking down the street and helping your child avoid the fire-eating, doom-predicting street prophet. Just an honest first impression. That's just how some people are. I won't let it stop me from getting to know you better, Herbert.

And thanks for the compliment on my blog.

Herbert S. Crotch said...

I can't help but admit that the character you describe sounds fascinating! Why steer your child from such an apparition? I guarantee he will learn more from him, good or bad, than he ever will from that big purple nincompoop Barney.

Oh well. Such is our culture.

Btw, Is that a caricature of you? I love it! Who may I ask did you commission for such a thing?

I grow weary of mine. Like the Kingly resemblence or not, I think it might intimidate. Something more jolly like yours might do nicely.

FancyPants said...

Seth's blog is back, up and running.


euphrony said...

The secret origins of Euphrony can be read about here.