Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

I turned 28 yesterday. That sort of depresses me, but I know it shouldn't because that's still really young. Everyone has assured me that 28 is still really young. That doesn't change the fact that it depresses me. But, despite that, having such an amazing husband and family sure makes my birthday fun.

We went to the zoo! I've been wanting to go to the zoo for a whole month, ever since my 7 year old piano student's mom told me she took her kids to the zoo. So Seth, Mom, Dad, and I met my beautiful sister-in-law and her two kids at the Houston zoo. I've never been to the Houston zoo before, but I thought it was great! Much better than the Waco zoo where it takes about 30 minutes to see all the animals.

When we got there it took forever to find a parking spot. My dad tried to out drive every other person on the road to find an empty parking spot. Mom gasped and braced herself. Seth and I just sat in the backseat laughing as we watched my dad's gray curly hair flying from one side to the other as he whipped his head from side to side, looking for a spot to snag. Finally, my mom, yelled, "Well you're not going to find a parking spot going 55 miles per hour! Slow down!" She talked a little sense into him. He slowed down to 50.

Dad was a real trooper. We like to call him Gandalf The Gray. Here he is, equipped with map in hand. Already asking for directions 5 minutes into the park. Lead on, wise Gandalf!

We finally found my sister-in-law. Here's me and my sweet niece.

We saw lions and sea lions and elephants and monkeys and giraffes. My favorite was the baby elephant rolling around in the mud. And the giraffe, who looked right into the camera for me.

Of course they all paled in comparison to the crazy elephant that broke out and went after Seth!

But don't fear, fancied friends. Seth got away just in time to sit down to a healthy and wholesome lunch of Hot Dogs and Cheetos.

Not too long after lunch and a carousel ride, we went home to rest, and then off to Michaelangelo's for the birthday dinner, which was quite yummy. Seth and I had lobster and spinach ravioli for dinner complimented by a delicious Pinot Noir, and a decadent Chocolate Mousse Cake for dessert. Very tasty and the perfect ending to a perfect day.
Thanks Mom and Dad for spending the day with us. Love you both!


SandinaJ said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad you guys had a good day.

I was depressed when I turned 28, but have no fear, it's not so bad. You are still young.

euphrony said...

Happy b-day.

The last time I went to the zoo was about 3 months ago, as a adult with my little girls pre-school class. I was the only man there, with a bunch of moms - kinda awkward.

truevyne said...

Happy Birthday. Did you know the most fabulous people are born in

Mz Jackson said...

I'm glad you had a happy birthday! I mentioned it on my blog but forgot to give you a call. I didn't forget though!
Your description of the food is making me hungry!

Susanne said...

You are still very young! I have about 8 years on you. :)

I LOVE the Houston Zoo!!! I hadn't been until we took our little girl a couple of years ago, but we've been a lot since then. I think I love it as much as the kids do. Glad you guys had a great day! That elephant picture was too funny.

FancyPants said...

Thanks for the Happy Birthdays!

Baca's Head said...

Haha! Gandolf the Grey!!!! I love it.

I also love the elephant chasing Seth, except, Seth's hair is straight, and not moving at all as he's frantically running away...hmmmm.

Happy Birthday!

Chaotic Hammer said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Fancy! Sorry, I've been away for several days and missed this.

So that's your mom? Wow, she's pretty. She doesn't look old enough to have a 28 year old daughter.

So it's all good news for you. First of all, 28 is way young, like almost-still-a-kid young. And second, I hear that girls take after their moms, so you (and Seth) can look forward to many more years of a young and pretty FancyPants.

That picture of Seth is hilarious.

FancyPants said...

Thanks Baca and C-Ham!

Baca, yes, I hear that when chased by elephant escapees, one is so frightened that the hair on one's head literally stays in one place, unable to move! Frozen, by the sheer shock and terror of such a thing. This must be the phenomenon you so observantly highlight.

C-Ham, yep, that's my mom! She is beautiful, and thank you for your very kind comments. =-)

Stephen and Haley said...

Hey! Happy (very) late birthday! Don't feel bad about turning 28. I turn 29 in September! And then my twenties will begin to quickly become nothing but a fond memory!

You know what's funny, I went to the zoo for my 28th birthday also! It was so much fun!