Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chick Flick Alert

Going to see this movie with my girlfriend in about 10 minutes.

And I bought this double feature at Dwayne Reade for 10 bucks. These 2 movies included:

I bought it BECAUSE it said $7.50 off a viewing of Made of Honor at participating locations, only to discover that my theater is not a participating location.

Oh well. I'm still glad I bought the movies.

I am so watching both of them, and then probably Dirty Dancing and Cinderella Man, before my husband gets home.

Love you, hon! But I need a break from LOTR and the Matrix...and Kill Bill...and Star Wars...and Indiana Jones...


Seth Ward said...

Heeeeeeeeeey! I love Sleepless in Seatle!!!!

And come on, there are totally great love stories in the Matrix and LOTR!

As far as Dirty Dancing and Steel Magnolias... those aren't technically movies. But while you are at it, you might as well watch Legends of the Fall too.

;-) Have fun hotstuff.

But since you are seeing Mr. Grey's Anatomy dude-flick while I'm gone, I get to watch Iron Man!

FancyPants said...

True, there are love stories in the Matrix and LOTR. I'm just craving really sappy love stories that don't involve bullets or swords.

But to be fair, I love all those movies I watch with you. Better be thankful you landed a chick who digs martial arts and hobbits.

So now you have to be fair and take back what you said about Dirty Dancing and Steel Magnolias. They are GREAT movies.

And Mr. McDreamy was divine, thank you. Have fun watching Iron Man.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching Iron Man tonight too. Beeki's not coming.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Yeah, we're a lot like you guys.

I love my wife madly, and each day it just gets better and better. But I'm sorry, I just can't stand a lot of the things she enjoys as entertainment. I would enjoy a thousand fingernails scritching their way across a giant chalkboard more. And she feels the same way about my entertainment.

So we do try and find common ground when we can, but mostly we just accept entertainment as being "me time" for each of us, or time with the girls for her and time with the guys for me, or whatever.

Amy said...

the woman always compromises. :) Seriously, I like all kinds of movies but have learned that when I'm with the guys we'll be watching war movies or something. :)

So Made of Honor was good?

FancyPants said...

Cach, did Beeki watch Mr. McDreamy, too?

C-ham, wellllll I actually like most of the movies Seth likes. Every now and then I can't take the guts and gore, but usually I'm into it. My brother and I used to have Star Wars marathons when we were kids. All three in one night. And...I wish I could fight like Trinity. =-)

Amy, thank you! The woman always compromises! You're probably joking about that but it's really true! If we are at odds at what to watch, and if he gives in and watches what I want to watch, he sits there and sulks until I can't stand it and we change movies. Same with music in the car! We always listen to what he wants to listen to because if he doesn't like it he pouts.

Seth, you know it's true.

I liked Made of Honor! It's fluff, probably even more so than most chick flicks, and some of it's pretty unbelievable, like this woman meets this perfect Scot and a month later is engaged and plans the wedding in two weeks. Yeah right...two weeks. Not possible. And...well I don't want to give the rest away. But I liked it.

katy said...

So many of my favorite lines are from Steel Magnolias...some day I want to do that play. I guess I've moved out of Shelby and Annelle age range but maybe I'll catch a Truvy or M'Lynn one of these days. Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion!

FancyPants said...

some day I want to do that play

Me, too. =-)

Amy said...

Hey Fancy,

I wasn't really joking. You described so many men right there it isn't even funny. :)