Monday, May 12, 2008

Officially 29

My sweet man of a husband came home last Thursday, and we officially celebrated my 29th birthday together. So 29 I am. For sure I am. And ya know, the more I say it the cooler it sounds. It sounds more adult than 28. Maybe I just feel more adult than at 28. I probably feel more adult than at 28 because I'm almost THIRTY. If I'm not an adult by 30, I better re-think my life. See, now, even as I say that, there's a little voice inside of me saying, "Nooooo! You can never grow up. Neverrrr!"

Oh, the injustice of it all.

Ever wonder what age we'll eternally be in heaven? When we get our new bodies. Like, will we be forever and always the age we were at death? Or will we be the age of the best year of our lives when years mattered? Or will we be the age when we looked the very best, but we'll look even better? Vain thoughts of a 29 year old.

Maybe we get to pick. Maybe we get to say....OK, God, I pick..ummm...32. Remember, God? I looked GOOD at 32.

Hey, it could work.


tiny dancer said...

I've thought about that. I heard someone suggest once maybe 33, if that's the "age" of Jesus's resurrected body then maybe it'll be the age of all of ours. But then what about those that don't live that long? Hmm... I'm curious to find out. I like thinking about that stuff!

This Southern Belle said...

Fun question to consider.

Few more months until I join you at 29, and I am glad to hear that it is so satisfying. . .it just seems odd to me now.

Chaotic Hammer said...

What if we're still sorta ugly even at our best age? Can I ask for a new look altogether?

FancyPants said...

Tiny D, 33 sounds good. I'm good with 33. And if we don't live to be 33, I'm sure God knows what we could've looked like at 33, so....

TSB, welllll I still think it's odd. Yep. Odd is a great word to describe 29.

C-ham, c'mon now. Your wife wouldn't have married you if that were the case, I'm sure. =-) You'll have to ask God about the new look thing. He may have all His other looks reserved for the other saints.

Seth Ward said...

I think we should all have the bodies that we had when we all looked our worst.

Okay... so I just had to share my word verification letters: fartapv.

Fart is in it. Fart. Its got fart in the first four letters. Pretty cool.

Audrey said...

yea. I wish we knew the answers to all of those questions we have.

cool dad said...

happy official 29th! i don't think i'm 31 until something special happens to make it official. like a press conference or something.

FancyPants said...

Seth, thank you for sharing.

Audrey, the older I get the more I realize I don't have to have all the answers. See how adult I am at 29? ;-)

Cool D, I think press conference birthdays are reserved for really famous people like the president or the president's children. Wait a second! Are you...? Press conference birthdays would make you really cool.

So does turning 31 give you + cool points or - cool points?