Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Doped Up on Claritin-D

Not one lick of sleep last night. Not one wink. I blame the 24 hr Claritin-D I took yesterday at noon. I usually take a 12 hr. It's either that or the insane amount of things I hadn't crossed off my to-do list when my head hit the pillow.

Speaking of pillow, wonder if I could fit that into my suitcase?


Dangit. I like my pillow.

I'm an idiot and sent the laundry (yes we have ours done for us like oh so many others in the city for the obvious reason that I am tired of hauling that 2 ton bag of laundry down the never ending stairs and down the street and back up the street and back up the never ending stairs) to be done Sunday thinking I'd just call and have it sent back on Monday. Perfect plan since we leave Tuesday, that'd be today. Except that Monday was Memorial Day and they weren't open on Memorial Day, so I didn't get my clean clothes back. And Seth didn't get his clean clothes back. And now I have to call them right when they open in about 45 minutes to have them deliver a clean bag of laundry so Seth can slam-pack in a matter of 15 minutes so that we can catch a cab and head to the airport.

See why I couldn't sleep?

And I've got to mail keys to the subletter and mail rent and clean the floors and drink my coffee and take the trash out and pack my last bit and turn the computer off and write instructions to the subletter and put my face wash (the kind that makes my eyebrows two-toned) into a plastic baggy so it doesn't explode in my suitcase and turn my suitcase two-toned, and haul A down the never ending stairs with one too many pieces of luggage and a guitar.

I'm sure there's more.

And I need to memorize lots and lots of lines.

These kinds of circumstances are the kinds that tell me who I really am.

A type-something girl trying to be type-A and failing miserably. But an anal retentive type-something girl with insomnia, doped up on Claritin-D and slightly irritated she's cleaning a New York City apartment so some other girl can live in it.

Wish us safe travels. We're off to Oklahoma to pick up a car cuz remember we sold ours. I'm sure I'll have calmed down by then.


cool dad said...

You New Yorkers and your crazy fast-paced lifestyle!

By comparison, our morning was thrown out of whack because we forgot the pest control guy was coming. Exciting, I know.

katy said...

Have a safe trip, and prepare to write lots of great blogs about summer stock. Can't wait!!

Kristin said...

safe travels!

Audrey said...

have fun in kentucky!!:P

Kelly said...

Hi dear Fancy, you two have a safe trip and please keep us posted!! Plus, ENJOY the adventure of three shows and time together soaking the sun.

Popcorn said...

I hope your clean clothes got delivered and that you made it down the stairs with all the stuff, to the airport, onto the airplane and got seated cozily next to your hubby. Once on the plane, I bet your blood pressure started going back down. By now you're in Oklahoma, snagged your car, and will be off the Ky soon. My prayers are with you my good and sweet friends.

FancyPants said...

Made it to Oklahoma. Had dinner with the folks and played some cards. I live for Spades. Seth and I live to beat my parents in Spades. No such luck this time but we were the Spades Champions last Christmas.

Am extremely exhausted. Going to bed. Lump in stomach gone and heart rate back to normal speed. Stayed away from Claritin today. Ahhhhh. Miss New York. Miss my apartment. It sure looked goooood when we walked out the door this morning. It better look goooood when we get back.

Dear Miss Subletter, please be nice to my stuff.


Dear Miss Subletter, please do not run the air conditioner all day and all night unless you want to pay the astronomical electricity bill.


Dear Miss Subletter, subletting is weird. But awesome.


This Southern Belle said...

Oh, it so hard to leave your home (NYC), but I am so excited for this adventure for both of you! Hope you get to KY without any problems!