Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Summer Theater in Kentucky

Well folks, in a matter of weeks, I'm off to theater land again. Theater land nestled in the mountains of Kentucky. Yee haw.

I'll be away 11 weeks. The whole summer. Away from my charming city to live in a cabin in the hee-ills.

But don't fret, fancied friends. For two reasons. 1) Seth is going with me. The whole 11 weeks we'll be together in the hot burnin' sun, workin' our ever livin' arses off. He's the associate music director for the whole shin-dig. Now isn't that somethin'? When I auditioned for the job, they asked me to bring my guitar to the call back and play a tune or two. Absolutely, I said. But really what I meant was, absolutely, I'll have my husband bring my guitar because I ain't truckin' that thing around the city all day. And whadoyou know? Seth brought that ther' guitar with 'im to the call back and landed himsay'lf a JAWB!

2nd reason) We'll be havin' a blast! Three shows in rotating rep. That means we rehearse 1 show, perform it while rehearsing another, perform those two in rotation, while we rehearse a 3rd show, then perform all three shows in rotation for the rest of the summer season. Ai-ya-yai. Lots of work but lots of fun.

We're doing the following shows and I'll be playing the following roles.

The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy

Honky Tonk Angels: Darlene

A Chorus Line: Understudy (yikes, they haven't told me who I'm understudying, but I'm a bit nervous about it cuz they could make me swing 3 different tracks or something. I'm also worried because the dancing might kick my bleep!

I'm really, really excited about playing Dorothy, mostly because "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is one of my favorite songs, and was played when Seth proposed (thanks to our pal Joey) and was also sung at our wedding (thanks to my lovely MOH Laura). And also because Judy Garland is one of my favorite singers. And also because it's a really fun show. And also because I get to wear the ruby slippers. Yesssss.

Honky Tonk Angels is a review of folk/country hits, told through 3 women's stories of leavin' home for Nashville, TN and following their dreams. It's growing on me, now that I've heard the music. Great music, and I get to play the gee-tar. Always fun. And sing songs like "Coal Miner's Daughter," "Ode to Billie Joe," (SUCH a cool song) and "Fancy," among loads of others. I think there's around 25 songs in the show.

And I've told you all I know about A Chorus Line so far.

The theater's called the Jenny Wiley Theater in Prestonsburg, KY. So if you haven't planned a summer vacation yet, why not Kentucky?

See schedule of shows here.

So I leave you with this, fancied friends, and hope that I can sing it half as well as she does.


Kristin said...

How fun!

Maybe we'll have to meet up! What part of Kentucky?

cool dad said...

Congrats on the double job landing! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

You'll be great and we all know it. I expect to see secret video highlights.

Popcorn said...

You are so funny! It all sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer to me. Good luck to you both.

katy said...

Oh, Fance, that's fantastic!! There are so many great roles in ACL and who knows how many you'll play as an can work your way through all the hits during the run...Nothing one night, At the Ballet another...

Chaotic Hammer said...

Wow, that's really way out in the sticks. :-)

Congratulations! Sounds like you're going to be doing some fun and fascinating roles.

According to my calculations (well, with a little help from Yahoo Maps) you guys will be about 6 hours from us. Which means that I really, really hope to catch some of the shows, or at the very least to work in a good visit or two with you guys while you're close to us!

You're certainly welcome to come visit us here also, but I'm not sure if you'll be too busy for that, and don't know what sort of transportation you'll have available.

But you know, in case you get a hankerin' for the big city (ha!), just remember that there's Nashvegas right down here. :-)

Super Churchlady said...

You know the Hammerin' Heb and I are going to be in NYC next week staying you- know- where with you- know- whom. Give us a call - OK? Maybe we can grab some dinner.

This Southern Belle said...

How much fun!

And, of course, we drive through that part of Kentucky EVERY summer.

Except this one. :( We are flying instead. Bummer!

FancyPants said...

Kristen, I think Prestonsburg is East Kentucky. Definitely!

Cool D, Thanks!

Cach, aww thanks Cach. secret as in...?

Pop, it's gonna be a great summer!

Katy, At the Balleeeeeet!

C-ham, come see the shows! I took a look at the rehearsal schedule and it looks like most days I'm rehearsing 9 - 6. An hour break. Half-hour at 7 and show at 7:30. Is that crazy or what? So sadly I'm not sure of the likelihood of any visits, but ya never know.

SC, I didn't know this! Email me the days you're here! Just you and G or the whole fam?

FancyPants said...

TSB, oh no! Where do you go every summer? And what's that part of Kentucky like? Is it pretty?

truevyne said...

Seriously, Wizard of Oz? I'm thinking road trip for Pooh Bear and I!

FancyPants said...

TrueV, seriously! Wizard of Oz! =-)