Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Birthday Fun and More

Mom and I had a great time in the city. We saw Gypsy with Patti LuPone Saturday night. Wow, what an actress. I love the moments when I'm at the theater and I get a chill up my spine. More like a chill up the neck and behind the ears and then...gone. I wait for that moment. It's when the actor and the music, or the set, or the lights, come together at just the right moment, and this indescribable...thing...happens. What you see is real. Not imaginary, but real. Real life. But better. More powerful. Magic. Patti LuPone made magic on Saturday night.

We had tea at Alice's Teacup. The best scones around. Not me and Patti LuPone. Me and my mom.

We had dinner at Taboon, where my mom couldn't help but tell the waiter it was my birthday, and the waiter couldn't help but put a candle on our chocolate lava cake but to my relief, refrained from singing, and the table next to us couldn't help but start singing anyway, and then the whole restaurant was singing, and then my mom yelled out, "Her name's Amber!"..."Happy BIRthday dear...AMBER!" they all sang, and I couldn't help but bury my face in my hands, and then the old man with shoulder length grey hair came to our table and toasted my youth and my mom for spending it with me, said "his poetry tonight was my youth," (woah - pretty deep stuff there), then he couldn't help but assure me youth doesn't last. Bright smiles. Big toast. Thank you's.

Youth doesn't last.

Thank you for reminding me, dear old man.

I joke about it, but really, is that a necessary reminder?

We shopped at the local thrift stores. I'm telling you, you can score big in these parts.

I got a new pair of running shoes (not at the thrift stores but at the DSW in Union Square) so I no longer have an excuse for not running the park. Ugh. I'm doing it, but I hate running. I'd much rather take a dance class, but wow, it's expensive. My last pair of running shoes lasted me about 8 years. No lie! Obviously, I didn't run in them much.

We killed a roach the size of my big toe - with Pledge and Seth's shoe. The only roach I've EVER seen in this apartment. With Pledge because I didn't have any Raid and it was the quickest solution. It worked! Slowed him down enough for mom to smash him with Seth's shoe while I stood on the couch barefoot. I don't smush roaches. I just can't. I hate that crackling noise when the shoe hits at just the right place.

And my stairwell smells like an animal crawled up the wall somewhere and died. Either that or someone in one of these apartment's is dead and nobody knows it. Creepy. The smell is disgusting. Not in my apartment, thank God, but definitely in the stairwell.


Thanks Mom, for a fun-filled (roach and all) birthday weekend. Love you.


Roy said...

Glad you had a nice birthday.

The flip side of "youth doesn't last" is that all your birthdays look better in the rear-view mirror. You feel old when one approaches, but when you look back, it feels young.

Roy, who is facing the big 4-0 next month.

Super Churchlady said...

Getting older isn't as scary as people make it out to be. You know...60 is the new 40 (blah, blah, blah...)

Besides...if you look like your mom in 20-something years - who cares how old you are chronologically!! She looks fabulous. You obviously have those great genes.

Popcorn said...

Your table looks so cozy. Your mom looks 29 and you look 15. You are both beautiful!

katy said...

Totally agree with're both looking YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL!!

This Southern Belle said...

youth is overated, in my opinion, anyway. Enjoy the wisdom that comes with age. :)

What a FUN birthday! You look incredible in that color blue!

FancyPants said...

Roy, happy birthday next month!

SCL, she does, doesn't she?

Pop, Katy, and TSB, thanks ladies!

Seth Ward said...

I think I'm ready to come home now...

FancyPants said...

Yeah! Come home!

Seth Ward said...

Book it darlin'!

Kelly said...

You guys put smiles on me face, Amber. :-) Thank you & take care!