Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Positive Post Tuesday - My friend, Audrey

I have a friend whose name is Audrey. Audrey's 10. Audrey played Chip in the production I was in of Beauty and the Beast in Houston. She's currently singing as a member of the children's chorus in La Boheme at Houston Grand Opera. A professional singer-actress at the age of 10. Wow!

Audrey is my email buddy. She calls it BIFF: Best Internet Friends Forever. She keeps me posted on her life. What's going on at school and what's going on with her "career." She's got boys that won't leave her alone at school, and it really annoys her. I don't blame her or the boys. She's a very pretty girl. And boys get sort of stupid when it comes to pretty girls. But I agree with Audrey. They should leave her alone.

The first time I saw Audrey on stage, she was 7, I think. In Oliver. She was the smallest little tyke up there, but she absolutely glowed. I couldn't stop watching her. She was practically trampled by the other, bigger kids on stage who were dancing like theater-crazed maniacs all around her. But Audrey's smile and the twinkle in her eye were mesmerizing. I knew right then that the stage was where she belonged.

I admire Audrey for that twinkle in her eye. It's there off stage, too. She has the ability to look at every circumstance like it's a gift, and she's just glad she's a part of it. She takes nothing for granted, but delights in the smallest bits of what life offers.

I admire Audrey for her obedience to Christ, and her faith in prayer. When one certain boy wouldn't stop bothering her at school, Audrey (though, of course, very frustrated and annoyed) prayed for him. She said that God would fix him, but that God should fix her first so that she could have the right attitude to pray for him.

Here's what Audrey said after that:

"It is very amazing what miracles God can do. I feel very fortunate to have a great God like I do."

I hope for the faith, love, and fortitude that I see in Audrey. I hope for that ever-so-bright, fear-be-afraid, twinkle in my eye, that unknowingly dares the dead to rise, awakens the worried to a Father's presence, and demands the fearful to face the unknown.

Love ya, girl!



Popcorn said...

I noticed that sweet twinkle in your BIFF's eyes when she was playing Chip so adorably. What a dolly doll you are Audrey! Awesome post FP.

majorsteve said...

Fancy, Nell knows little Audrey from LaBomeme children's chorus and she agrees that she is a gem!

majorsteve said...

Darn! I was looking forward to meeting Audrey tonight when I took Nell to the Wortham Center for the performance. Nell came out after act II was over and I said "hey, where's Audrey?", but wouldn't you know it, she's one of the few of the childrens' chorus who takes the stage again briefly in act III after the intermission. This Saturday I'll see if I can get some pictures of them in their costumes. Their costumes are incredible! and so "Dickensian" for lack of a better word and very authentic. They are so cute.

FancyPants said...

Pop, she did a fantastic job as Chip, didn't she?

Major, I think that is so great that the two girls know each other. I'd love to see the pics! I just heard from Audrey's mother, who commented how odd but thrilling it is that she and her husband are lounging around the house in the evening while their daughter is off doing a professional gig. =-) I'm sure you have the same feelings. You must be a very proud parent. =-)