Friday, August 24, 2007

We're Moving to NYC!!!...And Selling Our Car!

2001 Ford Exlporer Sport. Black with tan interior. 2 door automatic. Good condition. Good tires. GREAT car. I will miss it, but it's a hassel to own a car in NY, so it's gotta go. PICTURES HERE

CD and cassette player. Power windows, power locks, power steering, cruise control, keyless entry, good sound system, tinted privacy windows...

125,000 miles. Most are road miles, being musicians and all. It's taken us on quite a few gigs. One time! And I've taken good care of it, regular oil changes and a new set of tires.

If we weren't moving, I'd drive this little SUV forever. Great buy.

We need to sell this FAST!

$4500. We'll sell it for $4000 if you act fast. Spread the word!


If you're interested, email us at


FancyPants said...

SOLD. Woo hoo!

mike said...

I would reconsider moving to NYC

It is a complete shithole, especially manhattan. It has the most fake, materialistic, and rude people you will ever meet. Read my blog and you will see.