Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We're Moving to NYC!!!

You already know, if you read Seth's blog, and most of you do. (Observation: Everytime I write, "if you read Seth's blog," I nearly always follow it with "and most of you do." So henceforth if I am blogging on a topic already mentioned by my husband, then I'll always say, quite naturally, "blah blah blah dee blabady bloo....if you read Seth's blog, and most of you do." Just so you know.) So thanks alot, Seth, for stealing my thunder about the move. But you started blogging before me, so in my line of reasoning, you hold the right to blog about it first.

Most things I have to say about this move I will reserve for a later time when I'm not doped up on Mucinex DM. (I'm telling you, that stuff makes me bonkers.) I caught a nasty cold in NYC and have almost lost my voice entirely, but thanks to Mucinex DM, I can vociferate, which means to "shout, complain, or argue loudly." I know this because I had first written "vocificate," which I believed to mean "utter any sound with the vocal chords." Clearly I made that word up. My vocal chords thank thee, Mucinex DM.

Here are some things I learned in the Big Apple:

1. Don't help old ladies cross the street.

2. The term "very light" in regards to the creamer added when ordering coffee at the local bagel shop alludes to the color of the coffee, not to the amount of calories.

3. People in New York stand "on line" instead of "in line."

4. The naked cowboy is really, really tan.

5. The D train stops locally until a certain point and then all of the sudden becomes express and it's a very...very long time until the next stop.

6. The place to buy music is called...oh shoot, what's it called? Company? I don't think that's right.

7. The partial-viewing box seats for 25 bucks at the Mary Poppins show are precisely partial-viewing and require one to lean halfway out of the box to see half the scenes, and still only half the stage is seen.

8. Rebecca Luker, who plays Mrs. Banks in Mary Poppins, is more magical than Mary Poppins played by Ashley Brown, although Ashley Brown has one of the most delightful voices I've ever heard.

9. You can hear incredible jazz in Greenwich Village, which is pronounced GRENNICH Village and not GREEN-WITCH Village. The rock and folk and whatever else is found on the East side.

10. Ordering a grilled chicken salad for $15 does not give you a gigantic salad like you'd think, but a very small salad, leaving you hungry still and in dire need of the Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Pie at The Brewry in The Empire State Building.


MamasBoy said...

If 10. can be corraborated as a trait of NYC in general, it is reason enough for me to never set foot there.


truevyne said...

It's all news to me in that I forgot your husband blogs too. I hope you have a great adventure in NYC. My fam won't join you as goats and chickens probably aren't welcome...sigh. So, I'll live vicariuosly through your blog in NYC.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Regarding the expensive food in the restaurant... when I visited California a few weeks back, that was one of the rudest awakenings I had. I remember when we moved to Tennessee, initially thinking "Wow, the food in restaurants is so cheap here!", but had all but forgotten, until I opened a menu in Cali and noticed that everything there was so much more expensive.

So yeah -- where the cost of living is much higher, everything else, big and small, becomes much more expensive in general. You'll learn to adjust.

So where did you guys end up? Did you get the windowless closet in Manhattan, or the bigger place in Manhattan, or did you decide to go back to Brooklyn or Estoria?

And the really important question -- how soon will you be moving there? (Okay, ulterior motive here...) We're going to be up in the northeast visiting family in mid-September, so there's a chance of a visit if you're there by then (if our schedule permits, that is -- still in the planning stages right now...).

FancyPants said...

MB, ah but there are so many positives that outweigh the number 10's.

True, well if your goats and chickens don't mind, come on up for a visit without them sometime.

C-Ham, the windowless closet in Manhattan. Except, it actually does have a window...two in fact. It's just that they open right up against the apartment next to us, with light coming in only from above....and they are very small windows. But we'll get some natural light and fresh air, so that's good. We decided to stick with what we had so we could move in on the desired date, and anything else in that area would have been loads more expensive and not as nice. (These are newly renovated...) I would of had to go back again and start the process all over again, and I'm not up for that, honestly.

So, the hobbit hole it is. And I'm feeling pretty good about it, after throwing half of my clothes into a Goodwill bag today. This might actually be nice, downsizing.

We're leaving Houston on August 30. One week from today. Please come visit us! Let us know what you decide to do and we'll get in touch.

euphrony said...

Good luck in the move!

Chaotic Hammer said...

Fancy - I'm very excited for you guys! You're definitely in for a great adventure.

Yes, there's something to be said for radical downsizing -- I moved so many times during my time in the military that eliminating everything that is not absolutely necessary became a standard practice. I must admit that there's something tremendously liberating about it.

We really are hoping to see you guys for a day or two. Looks like we'll be heading up north around September 8th or 9th, and heading back this way the following weekend. We haven't narrowed down exactly where we'll be and when, so I'll let you know when things are more certain.

I wish we could be there during the move-in to help you guys unload the truck. It goes so much faster with more bodies available. When I moved my parents here this past spring, all my neighbors came over and helped us unload -- so a truck that had taken me a day and a half to load up (mostly by myself) took us less than an hour to unload.

Any chance you'll be passing through here on your way northward?

Stephen and Haley said...

Yeah! I'm so excited for y'all!! You will love it up there I know it! And its a shorter flight from NYC to Scotland for when you come over to visit us :) I totally know how you feel trying to get rid of so much stuff! We sold off almost all of our worldly goods and we are selling our car before we leave (so unfortunately, I'm not in the market for a car either). Well, I wish both of you all the best in the Big Apple! If I weren't moving to Scotland, I'd be totally jealous! You must keep the blog updated once you get there!

Susanne said...

We'll miss you guys so much! We're praying for you (and excited for you too)!

kddub said...

How exciting! How quick too, thats awesome. I've never been to NYC, but would love to someday, and I look forward to hearing your stories of living there, you are going to keep blogging right? I'm dying to hear if the naked cowboy gets pale in winter. (ha ha ha)

FancyPants said...

Thanks Euph!

Stephen and/or Haley, (because I don't know which one is actually commenting, or if you sit together at your computer devising a well-made and thoughtful comment...) Thanks!

If I weren't moving to Scotland, I'd be totally jealous!

If you weren't moving to Scotland, you'd be moving to New York, so.... Jerks. =-) Hey, we're driving through Dallas during the move. Having an early dinner with my bro and sis-in-law. You wanna meet us for dessert or coffee??

Susanne, we're gonna miss you, too. Thank you for your prayers. We need them.

KD, definitely will keep blogging. And now you can have an excuse to go to New York! Come hang out with us! Then you can see the naked cowboy's skin for yourself...uh...that sounded weird.

kddub said...

Will do, and that is a good excuse to come to New York. the visiting you guys part.

Stephen and Haley said...

Amber - It was me (haley) that commented! Sorry, I guess I should identify myself! We would love to meet up with y'all for dessert or coffee! We are in McKinney at my parents house until our big move, but we can meet you in Dallas or anywhere else along 75! Give me a call or email and we can make plans.

Sarah Porter said...

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mike said...

Dont move to NYC, it is a complete shithole, especially manhattan. It has the most fake, materialistic, and rude people you have ever met. It is a real magnet for assholes and elitists. Read my blog and you will see.