Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tunesday: Still Haven't Found

Ah, Ha HA! That is a laugh of sheer spiritual glee at this video. I love this. I found this video on Stephen and Haley's blog. They are good, good friends of ours and are moving to Scotland so Stephen can go to almost as much school as Seth. Stephen will be working on a doctorate in some really spiritual and smart field, Early Church History, is it? Stephen talks about the hope we have in the kingdom to come, and how it's a hope that won't materialize into reality until Christ comes again. But it's a hope worth holding till the end. He says it way better than I could. We're really gonna miss you guys. Damn you for moving so far away. (Not really - the damn part. All in jest, all in jest. May no curses befall you.) Keep that bed or air mattress or futon ready for us. We're coming.

I used to go to a black church in Waco: Greater New Light Missionary Baptist Church. The choir was alot like this one. I miss it.

Gosh, I'm in a weepy, sentimental mood. Oh well, deal with it, people.

Tune: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Band: U2
Album: originally Joshua Tree


truevyne said...

Dear Fancy,
May I suggest warm tollhouse cookies as a cure for the melancholia?

FancyPants said...


Stephen and Haley said...

Im glad you like it. This is one of those spiritual wells I find myself continually returning to. I can't get enough of this video (although i realize many people are tired of hearing about Bono (www.bonofatigue.com) :)

Like a great theology book, or that one verse that really influenced your life, this video, for me, sums up so much of my hope in the gospel.

Particularly on those days I fell spiritually bankrupt (am I allowed to admit that?) and just plain dissatisfied with Christianity (and the subculture) this video reminds me the reason I have hope in the gospel and the work of Christ.

Praise be to God.

We will miss you too, if yall are in D-town anytime in the coming months let us know we may be able to catch you.

FancyPants said...

Fatigue Shmatigue. I'm not tired of Bono.

I keep coming back to watch it. I love it when they break out into "I believe...in the kingdom come..."

Actually, we might be driving into D-town pretty soon...

cool mum said...

Delicious. I could watch this video over and over again...Actually I sort of have because I have the Rattle and Hum DVD. Still gives me chills.