Saturday, March 31, 2007

Riddle Me This

The following is a conversation with my brother today on the phone:

Fancy: Mom and Dad can't fault me for wanting to move away from them.

Baca: Whadoyou mean?

Fancy: Well, think about it. Of all of Mom's 9 syblings, she's one of the few that moved away from her parents. She was the odd goose of the family.

Baca: The odd goose? (pause, chuckle, pause, laugh) You mean.....(laugh, laugh, laugh)

There's the riddle for you, friends. Care to try and solve? (Baca and Seth, you have to wait.)


Susanne said...

odd bird??!

kddub said...

I'm mulling this this isn't some inside family thing that we won't get? We can actually solve this riddle?

Chaotic Hammer said...

Black sheep?

SandinaJ said...

DUCK! :o) What did I win?

FancyPants said...


Yes, it's solvable...I think. Check out the "Confessions of a Big Time Nerd" post down below. I think that should explain it.

See the problem with this one is that I can't really solve it. There are lots of options actually. I think that Susanne, that's definitely one. And C-Ham, although that was the furthest thing from my mind, it sure works and I"m remembering it for later references.

Sandina, wait are you saying "odd duck" or just "duck"?

kddub said...

ha ha ha.... that "Confessions of a Big Time Nerd" post down below. cracked me up. I fear I may share that problem, but I'm not willing to admit it yet... It reminded me of a preiview for the "Blades of Glory" movie where Will Ferrel says, "That was mind bottling"

However I am willing to admit that I am terrible at riddles

SandinaJ said...

Odd duck of course. That's what my family says anyway. I know I call people "odd ducks" all the time.

So what did Baca think you should have said instead?

Baca's Head said...

I cannot say...I simply...cannot say.

Seth Ward said...

It is a combo of odd duck and strange bird.

The husband saves the day.

Or it is a deformed third finger.

Rob said...

I see I'm too late to answer the riddle. so I'll engage in some self-promotion instead.

FancyPants herselfness was foolish enough to suggest an addition to the blogsphere so I'm going to make a run at complying with her wishes (resistance not being a strong suit of mine).

The experiment begins at Thoughts on Christian Living . Please be gentle!

rob (aka pendrax)

FancyPants said...

Seth, isn't the expression "odd bird" instead of "strange bird"? Or "odd duck" according to Sandi.

So where did I get goose? There's the goose that laid the golden egg but that makes absolutely no sense.

Baca, you thought it was the "odd man out" or "odd one out", whichever one it is. Which one is it?

SandinaJ said...

Well I'm no expert on any kind of bird or things with feathers. I suppose you can say whatever it is you would like to say. I think it would add a little spice if you quacked, honked, or tweeted after you picked your bird...just to drive home your point.

Seth Ward said...

Odd Duck and Silly Goose = odd goose.

sorry first try was for "odd bird"

FancyPants said...

Silly goose! That's it. That's where I got the goose. Which still makes no sense within the context of the conversation, but still.

Wow, too much fowl language for one day. people. Take it easy.

Ha! Get it? Get it?

QUACK (That was for you, Sandina.)