Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Best Bridal Shower Ever

Today I attended the best bridal shower ever. My sound engineer friend, Elise, is getting married in 3 weeks. Her sister, Rachel, threw her the best shower I've ever experienced.

Now, I've been to alot of showers in my lifetime. The last two years of my Baylor college experience were FILLED with showers practically every other weekend. Baylor girls like to marry off the last year or so of their collegiate education. I had my fill of those showers before I ever got one of my own. Now, I had some outstanding showers because I have some outstanding friends. But THIS one rocked my world. And I'm not really the type that gets all excited about this stuff.

First of all, the whole shower was themed "Under the Sea" because Elise has been planning for 6 months to build her salt water aquarium. She has the giant tank but nothing to go in it. So Rachel's idea was for us to all bring money to chip in. When I arrived, there was a "sunken treasure chest" where donations were mixed in with fake chocolate gold coins. Rachel made a "huge ass card" (Rachel's description) that we all signed. It had been decorated with fish and sea horses and crabs and lobsters. And they were all talking to each other about Elise's wedding. "Hey, did you hear...Elise is getting married!" "Well no, I hadn't, who's the lucky fellow?" And so on and so forth.

Secondly, Rachel not only made homemade scones to go with my yummy hazelnut flavored coffee, she also whipped up 3 delicious quiches from scratch, as well a spectacular artichoke dip with chips, AS WELL as the cake, which was shaped like a fish. Rachel iced the cake herself in an amazing fish design, and informed us all that there were "fish guts" inside. Sure enough, upon cutting the cake, we found we were eating Red Velvet cake, red symbolizing the fish guts, of course.

Third, we played the greatest shower games of all time. And I usually hate shower games because they're awkward and dumb. However, today we made a wedding dress for Elise out of toilet paper. I especially designed the train of the dress and was privaledged to carry the train while pretending to blow my trumpet to the tune of "Here Comes the Bride" as we all marched outside to the pinata. Decked out in her T.P. dress, blindfolded by the remaining toilet paper, Elise smashed the fish shaped pinata open in the front yard of a Katy, TX house, scattering flavored condems all over the front yard. (Yeah, the moms were lovin' it.)

THEN! We broke into two teams and played Charades (all phrases relating to the sea, of course), a game at which I RULE. I proved my genius Charades skills by leading my team into the Tie Breaker in which I acted out the phrase "I Wish I Was a Catfish" with such speed, clarity, and dashing pantomime that my team guessed in under 1 minute.

I had to leave early to make it to Shaun Groves' concert at my church. I was having so much fun at Charades that we were late and Shaun stopped the song he was singing to point out our late arrival. "Seth, did you just come late to my concert? And I bet that was Amber's fault, wasn't it?"

I'm sorry, Shaun. It's just that I was at the Best Bridal Shower Ever.


kddub said...

That does sound like a great bridal shower.
I put one on for my friend a few years ago. It was a near disaster due to underlying family issues amongst the mother in laws.... what saved it was that all had to wear a "Hi my name is..." sticker with a pet name on it, like sugar lips, honey buns etc.
It finally broke the ice and was hilarious to watch these women who don't get along call each other lovey dovey names....

FancyPants said...

That's awesome. I'd want to make up the silliest pet name ever, like Sweet Butt. (ooh, gross)

I think that's what I liked about this shower, the crazy games broke the ice. It wasn't that silent-hear-a-pin-drop-everyone-sit-in-a-circle-and-googoo-gaga-over-bad-gifts thing. It was crazy fun!

Kat said...

The imagery of a condom filled pinata being swatted by a toilet paper wearing bride to be in the front yard of a house in Katy....well that just cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

wow, i just wasted 5 minutes reading this when I coulda been looking for the actual "Best Bridal Shower" ideas. big snoozer

Drew Watts said...

I am glad to know that you had so much fun at that bridal shower dear. Even, I personally think that every event should include games like this one. I had a party at best Malibu wedding venues and It included games too. All my guests enjoyed that.