Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dancing with Barbs and Billy Ray

For those of you who watch Dancing with the Stars, tell me your picks here. If you don't watch Dancing with the Stars, you're missing out. I wish I were a star just so I could be on this show. Seth watched the second half with me last night, and by the end of the show, I had him agreeing to take ballroom dancing lessons with me. Yesssss.

So here's my take on all of it.

Apollo (2 time Olympic speed skating gold medalist): The male with the most potential. You need better frame, tighten it up on top, and start selling it. This week you looked like you were thinking too hard. I hope you make it far in the competition.

Shandi (Miss USA 2004): Shandi and her partner have already been nicknamed, Barbi and Ken. Sorry, Barbs, but your fake plastic smile doesn't win you points in dancing. Take it back to the pageants. You're awkard, too tall, and if you and your partner could put a cap on the disgusting flirting between the two of you in the dance studio, maybe you'd actually learn something. But...see ya. I'm voting you out, Barbs.

Clyde (NBA Hall of Famer): Clyde towers over his partner with his impressive basketball physique. If only that physiche would fix that frame. Get that butt in and under you. You look like an oaf. A bit cumbersome, galloping around the dance floor, but I really like your spirit and your approach. I think you'll improve.

Leeza (talk show host), Paulina (supermodel), John (actor): Not sure about you guys yet.

Ian (90210 actor!): I like you just because you remind me of my college days watching 90210 with my roommates. Good times.

Heather (the cripple): Heather has an artificial bottom half to one of her legs. BUT WOW! She won me over last night. The girl was doing back flips over her partner in the mambo. Very impressive and entertaining. I admit, I thought you were ABC's viewer bait for this season and thought you wouldn't last. But I'm wrong. You got skills, girl. It doesn't hurt you have an outstanding partner. He's making you look good with the choreography, giving you what you can do and look good doing. He has to be offering you major physical support in your partnering stance for your balance to look so great.

Billy Ray (Achy Breaky guy): Another surprise of the evening! Wow! I loved this! First of all, you danced to Johnny Cash Ring of Fire. A personal favorite and perfect for the Quickstep. At first I thought you were a slob and a mistake, but no way! I was impressed by your frame and footwork, and how much you improved from last week. Looking forward to more.

Laila (undefeated world boxing champion/daughter to Muhammed): MY FAVORITE for the evening. YEAH!!! This chic can dance. She moved her ass around that floor on the mambo like a mad woman. But last week she wowed judges with her skills in the more sophisticated Foxtrot. Such grace, beauty, and strength. Her size doesn't bother me at all. She obviously is much bigger than the normal size for a dancer. But it doesn't hold her back. Great partnering. Incredibly entertaining. I'm rooting for you, Laila.

So do you watch the show? Anybody? Favorites?


Chaotic Hammer said...

Seth watched the second half with me last night, and by the end of the show, I had him agreeing to take ballroom dancing lessons with me.

Ha ha! What a wuss. (Yes, I kid!)

I have never seen the show. But I thought it was funny that Billy Ray is on it. He's my neighbor out here. Really nice guy, active in his church here. Apparently turned down some opportunities in the past because it meant more to be here with his family than out on the road all the time.

Our friends' son has a crush on his daughter (in his youth group), apparently she is somebody called "Hannah Montana". I have no idea what that means, but apparently a lot of kids know who she is.

FancyPants said...

Well, C-Ham, you're missing out.

And yeah, Hannah Montana, supposedly, is huge with kids right now. I've never heard her, but I know that she was totally sold out at the rodeo here in Houston last week.

So does ANYONE watch this show?

Seth Ward said...

But can any of them do the worm???? The centipede??? The scarcrow???? Bebox????


Susanne said...

I haven't been able to watch either show unterinterrupted, but I've enjoyed what I have seen! I was with you about Heather Mills...but she has really done a great job. I also loved Laila. I missed Ian Z. both times, but the clips I saw looked pretty good. I'm not sure about Joey F. The judges thought his last dance was too silly, and I agreed. He's so entertaining, though. Fun to watch. I had no idea who he was, but it's funny to me to hear all the girls in the audience screaming for him. Was he a Backstreet Boy? I have no clue. I missed Billy Ray, but I like him because he brings back memories of college for me (yes, I actually loved his "Achy Breaky" song at one time!). I liked John, too...I always loved his character on "Cheers," and I think he does a great job for an older guy. He has a great smile. I also missed seeing Paulina and Apollo dance. So you see what I really need to fully appreciate the show is a TiVo. :)

FancyPants said...

Seth: I don't know about the worm, but NO WAY that ANY of them could bebox like YOU, the beboxin' fool.

Susanne: Definitely TiVo is in order. Oh I forgot about Joey. I don't know, something about his dancing bothers me. Not sure what it is. And I think he's from NSYNC. But I agree, John does have a nice smile about him, and for an old feller, he's got it goin' on.

FancyPants said...

The stars with the lowest scores last night were Barbs and Paulina Porizkova. Paulina, supermodel, was the first to go. I'm OK with that, but Barbs, you were lucky.

So if you wanna get in on this crazy fun, watch next Monday, 8/7c.