Sunday, March 18, 2007


You haven't met the perfect dog until you've met mine. His name is Cromwell. He's a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, and he doesn't actually live with me. He still lives with the folks. I'm OK with that, because at this point in my life, that's one reason why I can call him the perfect dog. I can see him when I'm back home, play with him, walk him, pet him, love on him, but I have no responsibility concerning him. I'm OK with that.

He's developed several nicknames over the years: Cromatron (my personal favorite, named by my friend Jerod), Crommy, Croms, Crommers. He doesn't respond to any of them, though. Ole' 9-years-old Crommers is going a bit deaf. Or at least we think so. It's either that, or he's figured out that if he doesn't respond to his name...ever...then we'll assume he's going deaf, and he's off the hook for everything. But being 9 means nothing to Cromwell. He still acts like a puppy, floppy eared and excited about every bit of attention you give him.

His favorite past time is finding lights and shadows on the wall and going after them. He talks in his sleep when he dreams. He's scared of thunder and lightning. In this picture, he's probably scared of that little red light on the camera. When we take him to the dog park and let him off his leash, he starts playing with the other people, not the other dogs. He wants only to be in your lap, licking you and leaning on you. (I could do with less of the licking, but...oh well) Every year at Christmas he gets to unwrap his own present, and every year he succeeds.He's Cromatron, the greatest dog on earth, and I love him.


Seth Ward said...

awwwwwwe crommy.

I love it when they tie his ears up when he drinks. He looks like a cheerleader with a side pony-tail.

Susanne said...

What a sweet doggie!

BJE1206 said...

Yes, Crommy is my buddy. It's nice to have a buddy who doesn't talk back, who sits at your feet while you read or take a nap. He eats anything I prepare for him, without any complaints, and loves the same flavored water after every meal. He's very good at letting me know when it's time for breakfast and dinner. He'll stare me down or lick his chops and won't give up until he's fed.

He loves walks. Anytime he sees or smells the leather of tennis shoes, he's practically putting his own lease on before we say "want to go for a walk?" He waddles his tail in a very peculiar way. Says "hello" to all the people and ignores any other dog and cat that comes near his territory.

He loves us all unconditionally and yes, we do love him. We got him especially for fancypants and bacahead, but they left him with us, their Mom and Dad and we think he's adorable, but not perfect!

But, I agree he's Cromatron, the greatest dog on earth!!

Baca's Head said...

My little buddy! Just so everyone knows, I am his favorite. He knows when I come home that when it's time to go to bed he automatically goes to my bed to sleep with me.

He's totally the best dog ever. Little buddy wuddy, little guy, buddy baby bud.

FancyPants said...

BJE: Mom, I thought you were writing a poem there for a second.

"It's nice to have a buddy who doesn't talk back,
Who sits at your feet while you read or take a nap."

It could go on the bathroom wall or something.

And I should clarify, now that the whole family has been identified. BJE is both my mom and my dad because they want to share a username and password. That explains why the last time BJE commented, the wife was mentioned. That was my Dad. Just so you know I don't have two moms....

FancyPants said...

Baca: Sorry, you've forsaken our Crommers for Fifi. I think you love Fifi more. I am now Cromwell's favorite.

SandinaJ said...

I remember when your family first got Cromwell. I used to think it was so funny how you and your mom would get so very annoyed with him and his hyperness. He would come in your room and you would promptly yell at him and kick him out. He's such a cute dog. I'm glad that you all love him so very much. There is just something special about a family dog that's been in the family for a number of years.

I've had the same dog, Lucy, for 6 years now and she is the most perfect, sweet, loving, and loyal dog I've ever had or met.

On a side note, I'm glad that I know who all the anonymous responders to your blog are. Is it strange that I do "shout outs" on your blog?

Hi Mr. & Mrs. E! (Not sure if last names are acceptable here?)

FancyPants said...

Sandina: No, shout outs are acceptable. Shout away. You're right about the last names.

Yeah, I admit. He used to get on my nerves. Too much licking, too much dog breath in the face.

I don't think I've met Lucy. What kind of dog is she?

Seth: I know I can't believe they actually tie his ears up with a scrunchee (sp?) when he eats. AND they only let him drink at certain times of the day. He can't just go get a drink when he wants. Because then he'll want to go out and they don't want to take him out. This is all another blog topic for another day. Parental issues with the dog.

Seth Ward said...

I know baca. I came to visit a few months back and I fell asleep on the floor. I awoke to find Cromwell humping my leg and looking at a picture of you on the floor beside me.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

"Cromwell you and I will get a shack together and..."

FancyPants said...


Lindsey said...

Cromwell is special and cute, but no dog can beat my Sylvie. She is the precious Princess
Lady. I think Cromwell and Sylvie would have had cute puppies. Don't you?
I can't believe he is already 9! I remember when he was a puppy and would just love to jump and kiss. Time flies...

Eric said...

fanypants, just so you know, you're NOT HIS FAVORITE@! And I havn't forsaken him. Just look at your friend's comments about how you have treated him in the past!

"He would come in your room and you would promptly yell at him and kick him out."

Ha! Don't tell me about favorites. He's been in my heart all along.

FancyPants said...

Hey, I admit and I have already admitted that there was a brief span of time when I failed to understand fully Cromwell's language of love. I mistook it for petty pooch practices which had no purpose but to irritate my stately humanistic manner. But it takes a big person to admit when he/she is wrong, and I am that big person.

SandinaJ said...

Am - I feel like I have somehow violated my "friendship vow" in some way now that Eric has used my words against you.

In Cromwell's defence, if he likes one of you more than the other then why is he still living with Mom & Dad? HUH? HUH?

Schedule of Meals said...

OK - Bubba and Scooter are now VERY P'O'ed and jealous. They are wanting to jump on you at this very moment and steal your sandwich or something.

FancyPants said...

Sandina: Fear not, dear friend. Eric scrounges for scraps from wherever he can find them to prove Cromwell's allegiance. Sadly, he has taken from poor Sandina who means no harm by her words and is now falsely linked to his deceitful ways!!

FancyPants said...

Well hello, Schedule of Meals! Welcome to The FancyPants Factory-

Now, unless there has been some serious acceleration in evolution's timeline, I know for a fact that Bubba and Scooter canNOT read. Meaning! One would need to TELL them of my love for Cromwell exceeding my love for the fluffy bearded balls of fun. They don't need to know about Cromaton. Because, since Crommy is miles and miles away, it is only fair that I would have favorite dogs in H-town. And hands down, those two, (code names Wyatt Earp and Fluffers), hold a special place in my heart. =-)

By the way, Schedule of Meals, your name rocks. Mind if I call you SOM?