Sunday, March 11, 2007

FancyPants "Pants"ed

And here I am. After a long hiatus from giving my opinion on everyone else's blog and being too lazy to create my own, or maybe too scared, I stare at my template wondering what color in all the world to make my background. And black it stays.

I have debated and debated, do I blog with a secret identity, revealed only to those I choose, or do I just come out and say it? I'm Amber, Seth's wife, and if you're here at my blog it's probably because you read his. There. I said it. Fancy that. My secret identity revealed. And to some of you that means absolutely nothing because it's been so flippin' long since I've entered the blogosphere that we've never entered into any blogalogue of our own. But to others, my long lost blog friends, I'm here! Happy to be with you and hoping you'll take me back.

Welcome to The FancyPants Factory! "COME IN AND KNOW ME BETTER, MAN!"


The Cachinnator said...

Soooo... can I expect some sort of "Pants of the Week" feature, or what?

Glad to have you here! I look forward to the blogalogue.

Chaotic Hammer said...

So, where exactly have you been during this "long hiatus", and what have you been up to, Amber?

Oh, and then there's this...

From May 3, 2006:

FancyPants said...

Current Blogtionary entries:

1. blogalogue, n.
2. bloguerilla, adj.
3. blogass, n.
4. blogalicious, adj.
5. bloggy, adj.
6. unwancom, n.
7. blogosphere, n.
8. blogmares, n. plural
9. S.B.M., n. plural (Secret Baptist Margaritas)

I will be working on definitions for all terms. Then, perhaps, if I'm brave, I'll finally start my own blog and the first entry will be dedicated to the working Blogtionary. Hear, hear!

So we'll be expecting that. But it won't be your first entry, obviously. :-)

Oh, and also... I read through a lot of old Five Cent Stand comments by you, and you really did play along with this whole "secret identity" thing. I didn't even realize it was you. You even commented as FancyPants and then came back and made separate comments as Amber. Kinda spooky.

You're not MPD or anything are you? You know, that might make some sense, though...that ADD husband of yours is always alluding to how he can't explain why such a geeky, weird, disorganized guy ended up with such a totally-together hottie for a wife. Maybe he's just got the goods on you, and demands a high price to keep it that way. Hmmm...

Anyway, welcome back. Good to see you around again!

Kat said...

Amber!! Welcome. I'm glad to see you blogging.

Can I add a word to the blogtionary?

Bloggable - when something happens that is worthy of blogging.

C-hammer - you're comment was hilarious!

Sniff. Sniff. Feels like old times.

Baca's Head said...

Ha ha! I love the allusion to the ghost of Christmas present: "Come in, and know me better man!!" I have another for you:

"It seems where ever you find love, it feels like Christmaaaaas!!!" (humungous puppet swaying fast and looking at kermit the frog).

Love that you're blogging. Hopefully I can join in more of this blogalgue action.

p.s., have you heard Sleeping at Last yet? Check out their lyrics at

Baca's Head said...

especialy "Heaven Breaks" on their newest album Keep No Score.

Pendrax said...

Welcome FancyPants!

I just have to say, there's a third alternative in addition to anonymity and full disclosure... incompetent anonymity. That's where you pick a funny sounding pseudonym and then utterly fail at hiding behind it. Kind of like a 2-year-old playing hide & seek!

FancyPants said...

Hello FRIENDS! It's so great to hear from you.

Cach: Yes, that sounds like a superb idea. I'll get to working on that. On the watch for the fanciest of pants and will post here. Looking forward to future cachinnations.

C-Hammer: You're holding me to that Blogtionary, huh? Well, I've thought about that and I'll have to find more words that I have strung out over the blogosphere, because I know there are more with actual definitions. That's quite a project, but I think I'm up to it. Let me just say that I am honored to have your first very long post on my blog. =-)

Kat! Congratulations on your Blogtionary word! I knew you could do it. =-) How are those beautiful girls of yours?

Bacabutt: I was SO excited to see your comment here that I stood up and did a muppet dance in honor of you. And no I haven't checked out your band but I will.

Pendrax: Yes, and I'm afraid I'd eventually be the two year old discovered hiding in the middle of the hallway with my hands over my own eyes.

Susanne said...

So you were in charge of the Blogtionary! Great to have you back, "Fancypants!" And I'm glad you revealed your identity. Looking forward to the pants of the week feature...maybe you can find me some that start as one size and can then be made smaller if I ever get back to my original size. That way I wouldn't feel guilty about spending some money on pants these days. :)

FancyPants said...

Hey Suzanne! I'm very happy that you're here.

Your pants suggestion sounds like a great Seinfeld episode.

I was just perusing your blog. You have such charming beautiful. Your little guy is looking more and more like his big sis.

Looking forward to blogging with you!

SandinaJ said...

AMBER! I'm so glad you are here! I am a secret blog reader...and poster. I do it more for my own enjoyment, then tend to keep my opinion to myself. (I know, that's almost impossible to believe.) I check up on Seth's blog every once in a while to see what's going on with you guys. I'm glad I spied on him today to find that you are now a blogger. Now I have someone else to spy on. :o) I also noticed Miss Kelly. Now we just need to get her bloggin'. LOVE YOU!!!

FancyPants said...

SANDI !!!! Hello!

Wow, I had no idea that you were a blog lurker.

(A blurker. Ha! Yesssss)

Well, thank you for coming out of hiding on my blog and revealing yourself. I hope that you will continue to do so often because I miss you. What a fun way to keep in touch. I didn't know YOU had a blog, but now I do, so I'll be visiting you often.

Love you too!