Sunday, October 19, 2008

Switching Wardrobes

I switched out wardrobes yesterday, which took way longer than I thought and usurped my previous plans of getting much more done. Sweaters, naturally, take up way more space than rinky dink sleeveless summerwear, and the dilemma caused me to overthrow Seth's claim to his side of the closet.

Poor Seth now has a foot or so at the end for his jeans.

But no worries. I also gave him a drawer all to himself.

I know, I know. It sounds heartless. But really, fancied friends, if you knew how long it took me to organize all our winter wear into our eensy teensy living space, you'd be proud. It was hard. DANG hard. I had to CONTINOUSLY take things out of the closet and say, Nope- won't wear that. It's gone. Nope. Nope. Nope. Ehhhhh, well if I lose some poundage I could fit back into that. Maaaaaybe I should keep it....Nope.

And on top of all that, my friend's neighbor downstairs from her cleaned out HER closet and got rid of HER clothes, and she has REALLY awesome clothes, which she gave to my friend, who in turn gave them to me. We're talking designer brand here, people. Brands I would NEVER buy because the the cost of the tag alone equals my closet's entire holdings. I mean, you can't TURN DOWN free clothes like that! No, you GIVE AWAY clothes you have to fit THOSE clothes into your closet.

Hand-me-downs are awesome. Thank you, friend's friend with impeccable style. I thank you. Once Seth gets used to the new living arrangements, he'll thank you, too.


Kristin said...

I love it when someone hands me down some amazing clothes.. and then love to rid my closet of my other clothes...

The funny thing for me, is that my husband has more space in the closet than me, AND more shoes than me. This is a person who pretty much only wears a sweatshirt jeans, and vans all year long, but has plenty of other clothes just sitting there...

He's up in your neck of the woods today actually!

Mothership said...

My hand-me-downs are not the problem. The problem in our house is the hand-me-downs my five children receive. Yes, they are cute, unstained, new, but now I have to sort, wash and store these fabulous new clothes.

Except for the fact that clothes are fun, I would love to go back to the Two Dresses days; one for work and one for church. . . except for the fact that clothes are fun!

Roy said...

well if I lose some poundage I could fit back into that

I have to call shenanigans on this. You simply don't have pounds to spare.

Cheers for making the most of limited resources. It's a virtue and a valuable skill.

mom said...

It's sounds as though you are set. You've always been well organized. Which I must say has been inherited from your ONE and ONLY!

My question has been answered. I've been thinking about sorting through my clothes in my closet and then letting you see if there's anything of mine you'd like. It also sounds as though you don't have any room for 70's sweaters and poor hubby has been booted out of any extra closet space. So, there you are!!!!

Love you sweetie!

SandinaJ said...

You should try these:

I've seen them on TV and they seem to work!

Kudos for switching clothes for the season. Can I rent you to do that for me?

This Southern Belle said...

I've heard good things about the spacebags also.

I am laughing, because it always takes me much longer than anticipated to reorganize our closet when it needs it. It starts out simply enough, but before long I have a master organization plan in the working.

BTW, gently-loved designer clothes rock! Yay for Fancypants!

FancyPants said...

Kristen, now see in New York Brody's unworn wardrobe would be a major disadvantage to your livlihood.

Mothership, first of all, congrats on those 5 kids! Second of all, I have a hard enough time washing, sorting, and storing for two sans child. Lord help me if there's ever plus five.

Roy, ah but the pants don't lie. No matter how fancy they are, they are a very harsh measure of one's waistline. If only I could believe differently, but alas... Now to my current waistline's credit, and as Seth is so apt to tell me (though I argue he's under oath to tell me these things, it's a wedded rule), I was way too thin back then.

Mom, wellllll there's ALWAYS room for an extra vintage 70's sweater here or there..... It won't hurt to take a peek.... Love you, too!

Sandina, those space bags look nifty! Hmmmmm.... And I should tell you, before you rent me out, that I've NEVER before switched out wardrobes until this year, being that I once was a Texan (currently having undergone a status change: see Confession: Walk Rage) , SO. You might want to reconsider based on my inexperience, and the fact that you Texans will be wearing sweaters for about, oh, four days or so.

TSB, oooh I like that: gently-loved designer clothes

Susanne said...

I wish we had the opportunity to switch out wardrobes down here! That's one thing I miss about living in the northern part of the Deep South. The four seasons thing is pretty cool. Since we don't have four seasons here, we must always have shorts and t-shirts on hand. :) Enjoy wearing those cozy sweaters! If we ever move up north I'll have to buy some because I gave all mine away.