Monday, October 13, 2008

Picking Apples and a Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend we went to a farm in New Jersey with some friends for a fall kickoff. Hot dogs, cider and donuts, pumpkins, apple orchard. Fall's here. There's no turning back now.

This is our friends' one-year-old.

Watch out, Seth. This little guy might steal my heart.

One thing's for sure. As of Saturday, I am all about fall.

I'm wondering what that guy behind me's all about.

The only apples available for picking were WAY high up in the trees. So my friend, V, and I shimmied on up and took matters into our own hands.

We ate the apples right off the trees. Mmmmm they were delicious.

This little guy thought so, too.

See what I mean? Heart stealer.

Happy fall, y'all.


Popcorn said...

What a precious coupla' punkins in that last shot!

Chaotic Hammer said...

Happy Fall! Even though it still feels like summer here in middle Tennessee. I'm sure it will start to cool down pretty soon. The leaves are already starting to turn.

This Southern Belle said...

How much fun, but. . .oh. ..those blond curls on that ADORABLE little boy! What a doll!

Mom said...

V's little boy is so darling!!

I especially like the last picture! She's adorable!! He's not bad either!

Love to see New Jersey right now with it's fall colors.......

Kristin said...

looks like fun!

that little boy is precious.

Susanne said...

Wish it felt like Fall around here! No such luck. You guys look great! That last photo is a framer. :)

FancyPants said...

Popcorn, well I knew they were good lookin' pumpkins and all, but geez, I mean I thought me and Seth looked half decent, too. =-) (Btw, when I was writing your name I was thinking about pumpkins and I wrote, "Popkin." Which I think might be my new name for you.

C-ham, truly sorry about that "feels like summer" part.

TSB, I know...the curls.

Mom! Congratulations on successfully leaving a comment! That wasn't so hard, was it? (You know all sarcasm aside, you made my day by commenting.)

Kristen, it was LOADS of fun.

Susanne, I had a dyslexic moment, and on first read, thought you said, "That last photo is a FARMER." I actually looked at the picture to see how we looked like farmers.

Roy said...

Looks like a fun time! Did you get a pumpkin to carve, or to cook?

Yes, fall has arrived in New England. We picked apples in Maine. No pumpkins, as it would be too hard to bring them home.

Here in Houston, we're only getting hints of fall, although the pumpkins are plentiful in the markets.