Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tagged by Mz. J

I've been tagged by Mz. J. And man, am I late doing this. Here it goes:

1 person who has changed the course of your life for the better:

The man from Reading Rainbow

2 teachers who have contributed to your learning:

1) Mr. Rogers

2) Grover

2 colleagues who make your job worthwhile:

My only colleague right now is Seth, so...

4 people who make you feel special:

1) Trish McEvoy

2) Whoever makes Bigstar Jeans

3) Whoever makes Aldo shoes

4) My pedicurist

5 people you need in your life and why:

1) A housekeeper

2) A personal chef

3) A chauffer

4) A masseuse

5) A pedicurist

....for obvious reasons

I'm also a little behind on a tag by Kat. Will be coming soon....

Oh, and I tag...whoever is reading that has ever....swallowed a bug.


Seth Ward said...

I've swallowed a bug, a bunch while riding my bike and yawning, but I will never ever ever answer a tag. No one can make me. HAHAHAhahahaha

FancyPants said...

"while riding my bike and yawning"

That's really funny.

Jeremy said...

Okay, guys... you're married and you're responding to each other's comments. Now THAT'S a blogging couple!

Hey fancypants - I've added you to my blogroll... Came across you guys through Kat. If you get a chance and can add me to yours that would be great - Later!

FancyPants said...

Sure thing, Jeremy.

Mz Jackson said...

Excellent job, little sista!