Saturday, June 16, 2007

Riddle Me This (3)

Some riddles for you. Have at it, fancied friends. I think you'll find these....simpler...than others.

The following is a conversation between me, Seth, and Seth's dad, last week on the way to see Seth's sister, (OpMom).

Seth's Dad: Oh, I know I shouldn't be worryin' about those things, but I do.

Seth: Dad, you worry too much.

Me: You're like my dad. Both of you are Papa Hens.


Seth's Dad: Aww, that was pretty cute.

Me: Dammit! I KNOW hens are girls!

And here is a conversation once we get to OpMom's house. (whose permission I have not received to post this, but I'm sure she won't mind.)

Me: Your house looks great, OpMom!

OpMom: Thanks! I hated the way the previous owner left it. So I stripped the wallpaper in the kitchen and painted, and I'm about to paint the walls in the living room and dining room.

Seth: Wow, OpMom, that's alot of work.

OpMom: Yeah, but I decided it was time to take the ball into my own hands. (Upon saying the word "ball" she holds out her hands in front of her as if she's holding a basketball.)



OpMom: What?

Me: You switched your phrases. It's OK. I do it all the time.


operamom said...

i think it a sign of genius.

FancyPants said...

I think you are quite correct, OpMom.

Looking forward to a new post from you sometime in the next century.

Chaotic Hammer said...

"Mother Hens" and "Take Matters Into My Own Hands".

kddub said...

or the ball is in my court...

ha ha, maybe you are rubbing off on your sister in law.

You two could just make up your own book of phrases.

FancyPants said...

Not a bad idea there, KD. Our own book of phrases. What would we call it?

Moments of Genius

Twisted Genius

Riddle Me Genius

But, from stories I've heard, OpMom has some real doozies that date WAY back, before I ever came along, and man are they good. Maybe she'd let me post about them....hmmm....

C-Ham: Correct you are, sir! And I do think, KD, that she was combining it with the ball being in her court.

FancyPants said...

You know what's the worst thing about the first one there? Is that I didn't say "Father Hens." I said "Papa Hens," which is just oozing with cheese.