Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ben and His Pants

Seth and I went to the Ben Folds/ John Mayer concert last night. I have since made a deal with myself. I will never again see Ben Folds in concert unless he is headlining AND I have premium seats. I am too big of a fan to be seated miles away on the wet, muddy grass with cigar smoke being blown in my face and into my hair, around people who couldn't give a rat's boohiney about Ben Folds. Nope. Not doing it again. Just wait for the right time and spend the big bucks, I have since said to myself. It's better than watching Ben leave the stage to be followed by Mr. I Love My Guitar Almost As Much As Myself So Sit And Watch Me Play This Solo....Over and Over...In Every Song. And wonder why everyone around me cares so much.

So that's really how I feel about it. It was like this.

Ben Folds

John Mayer

Which, yeah I should have expected but didn't for some reason.

But hey, Ben climbed up and stood on top of the piano. And then dropped his pants. So that was fun. Don't worry, he had boxers on, really long ones. And don't worry, I was too far away to see anything anyway. And don't worry, I wouldn't have wanted to see anything even if I could, and had I been closer I would have shut my eyes and screamed, "Ben, you sinner!" So thank goodness we were so far away, huh?

OK, so I wouldn't have said Ben, you sinner, but I would have definitely closed my eyes and screamed. But seeing as we were miles away I just stood there and laughed with Seth and said, "Oh my gosh! Seth, he's unbuttoning his pants!"


truevyne said...

Sorry, Fancy, I don't know Ben. However, I do love to LISTEN to John Mayer. Watching him, however, hurts me. I tried once, to watch him on Austin City Limits, but he scrunched his face and looked like he was doing something naughty to his guitar or maybe just trying to subdue his diaherria.

Allison said...

I saw Ben in Normal, IL in April, at a nice headlining show. Where he came out without his pants on for the encore, and, during Not the Same we saw those parts of Ben you wouldn't have wanted to see. Odd. Very. Very. Odd. I love Ben and everything, but that was not needed. That's what 3rd row seats'll get you.

tiny dancer said...

That makes me sad... I have so much respect for artists who can keep it about the music and not about themselves. Bummer about Ben. But I have to say, "The Luckiest" is one of the most worshipful songs I've ever heard. It never fails; it absolutely will bring me to tears and new heights of loving Jesus every single dadgum time I listen to it. (who cares if Ben wouldn't get that?) Aaaah LOVE IT!

FancyPants said...

Tiny Dancer,

Are you really tiny dancer this time? If so, hello! If not, hey Baca. I'm not sure if I was clear in my post, but John Mayer was the one I was referring to about it being all about himself.

Ben rocks. A little crazy, but he's definitely about the music. Of course, he's a little too eager to drop his pants. I don't know what that's all about.

"Luckiest" is my favorite, and yeah, there totally is something worshipful about it. I think that maybe Ben does get that... He didn't play it last night! I was bummed.


Hello! What a funny town. Normal, IL. Ewwww, you saw stuff! That's gross. I'll keep that in mind when I buy tickets next time. Stay away from 3rd row vacinity. I better just play it safe and go for the safe middle of the premium seats.


Ha ha! That's funny. Yeah, he was standin' all weird with his guitar. I mean, I know famous rock stars like to do that and all, but it just doesn't work for John, probably because he doesn't really classify for rock star category. Pop maybe. Blues, sort of. But not rock, not for such a floofy haired pretty boy. Ha! What do I know, really. Stay tuned for more Ben Folds on upcoming Tunesdays...

euphrony said...

Opening acts get short shrift from the crowds. Mrs. E and I went to the Woodlands Pavilion about ten years ago to see the B-52s, the GoGos, and the Psychedelic Furs. The P-Furs opened, with the place about 1/4 full. Toward the end of their set - which was very good - the people started coming in. At the close of their last song, rather than thanking the audience or simply saying good night, the lead singer made a vaguely obscene gesture and walked off while the band played the last few bars. I don't blame him for being frustrated and a bit angry.

It was also an interesting night, in that a man could have no privacy when nature called. The bathroom lines were long, even for the men’s, and many women ended up invading the very full and very dirty men’s room just get through faster. A bit awkward.

As to the pants dropping thing: I got the picture of a scene from Fletch Lives. Seth'll know the one I'm talking about.

FancyPants said...

I can be bummed about Ben opening, but I guess I can't sympathize with the opening acts too much if they're gonna act like a baby cuz they're not getting the attention they want. They knew they were opening, and that's how it goes. It's an easy ride for them. Get some exposure, tour without the crazy production costs. There's bound to be audiences like that. Course, I guess they can do what Ben did and get their attention right from the get go.

Another thing that bummed me out was the sound engineer. I don't know if it's the same for each band on these big ole tours? Or does each have their own guy running front of house?

Well, it was crappy because the sound for Ben was really jumbled and unclear and maxing out and crappy, and then...perfect...for Mayer.

Brody Harper said...

Usually it's the same guy running sound, but they work for the headliner... and don't care if it sound crappy... booo

FancyPants said...

Yeah. right. That is so irritating.

tiny dancer said...

Hey Amber, yes it actually is me! (and was last time too!)... No you were totally clear about how you felt about John Mayer :) My comment was about Ben b/c although he's got that "really cool artist" thing going and is more musically organic than, say maybe John Mayer :), its still pretty obvious that when you start doing stuff like taking off your pants as a musician, its become too much about you. Even if it is just for a "shock factor" or whatever. To me, it screams of narcissism.

"I am 16 going on 17..." haha yay! By the way, my sister is so excited about that and is trying to get to houston to see you in it! (she was a nun in it at Waco Civic Theatre in like 7th grade ha)

FancyPants said...

I would love it if your sister came to see the show! I'm pretty sure you can get tickets online now at That's funny that she was a nun in 7th grade. I love your sister!

About the pants's either narcisism, or it's the complete opposite. It's almost like he does stuff to show how off it is. Like, he closed with a remake of a Dr. Dre rap song that had the most ridiculous lyrics of all time. The f bomb was used every other word, talking about his whores and whatnot, but the ridiculousness of it really showed when we worked the lyrics into this song.

Anyway, my point is that in all other respects he doesn't come off as loving his masculinity...he's just not...rooster-ish like that. Chest out, look at me. So when he does something like drop his pants it makes those kind of people look really silly. It makes himself look really silly, and I think he knows that. I'm not sure if he cares what people think of it.

I'm going on like an idiot fan. =-) I'll stop now.