Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Up and Running!

Oliver officially opened this past Saturday at the Engeman Theater in Northport, NY.

If you're around and would like to see the show, just click on the Engeman link above for tickets.

All is well! The show's going great. Here's a few pics. Hopefully more to come.

Our set.

The boys.

"I'd Do Anything" That's me back there standing with Oliver and Fagin

Me as Bet

Me as a "Buyer"

Opening Night Extravaganza:

Me and Michelle DeJean (Nancy)

Me and the boys, Troy (Dodger), Larry (Charlie), and Jake.

Me and Neal Benari (Fagin)

Me and Steph (Charlotte) and Rob Gallagher (Bill Sykes)

Me and Oliver!


This Southern Belle said...

You look beautiful, Amber! Glad that it is going well!

Popcorn said...

I'm so happy for you.

katy (aka funny girl) said...

Fabulous set, and beautiful cast. And Bill Sykes definitely looks like a Bill Sykes!!

Congratulations, sweetie!

Sue said...

Bravo, Fancy! You look beautiful! How long is your run?

Seth Ward said...

What a hottie!

Chaotic Hammer said...

Congratulations! I bet it's awesome.

tiny dancer said...

I like your Bet look... maybe you should cut your bangs in real life, they look cute on you!

truevyne said...

You make my art heart sing. I only wished we lived near you. Oliver is my oldest son's name in real life.

mom said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!