Monday, December 15, 2008

That's Entertainment

Warm day today. Like, 64...66 degrees. Very odd for this time of year. But, you don't really care about the weather in New York City. Do you?

Mayor Bloomberg is making budget cuts for all New York City agencies, which includes the Sanitation, Police, and Fire Departments.

A slew of Broadway shows will be closing early 2009, Gypsy being the latest to release its news. Grease, Hairspray, Spamalot, Spring Awakening, 13, Boeing-Boeing, and Young Frankenstein are some of the others joining it in its farewell.

But you don't really want to hear about how the hard economic times are affecting New York City. Do you?

Wouldn't you rather hear about which movies I've watched recently?

Here they are, all fantastic:


Sleepless in Seattle

Fargo (Oh geez, Margie)

27 Dresses (not AS fantastic, but still pretty good)

The Prestige

Sullivan's Travels

Rear Window

Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf

A Streetcar Named Desire

Here's a list of the ones on my Netflix queue, coming up!:

Strangers on a Train

The Birds


Notes on a Scandal

Billy Elliot

A Cry in the Dark

All About Eve


The Philadelphia Story

Anyone got any great movie ideas, old classics or not-so-old classics that I should add to my queue? Or just ones you love?


Chaotic Hammer said...

Have you seen The Nun's Story with Audrey Hepburn? If not, I recommend it.

Roy said...

The only one I've seen lately (that I can recommend) is Kung Fu Hustle.

FancyPants said...

C-ham, I haven't! Goin' on the queue.

Roy, I watched a trailer because I had NO idea what you were talking about, and it looks hilarious!

Thanks for the suggestions, fellas!

NOBODY else has movie suggestions??

nicole said...

Philadelphia Story and Notes on a Scandal are on my queue too! And we have Dark Knight currently, but have not watched it yet. I loved the Prestige. I read the book too, and for once, I think I liked the movie more.

Our most recent watches were Leatherheads (wait for cable) and The Hulk (with Ed Norton). Enjoyed the Hulk quite a bit actually. Although I thought William Hurt was pretty much the same guy as Jeff Bridges in Iron Man.

Suggestions? We so rarely watch movies anymore, that I'm sure you have seen anything I would suggest.

FancyPants said...

Nicole, don'tcha just love queues? Thanks for the Leatherheads warning. Never saw the Hulk, but loved Iron Man.

Bill Hensley said...

My geeky favorites:

Final Countdown
My all time favorite time travel movie. (I'm a sucker for a good time travel story.) A fully consistent treatment of the time travel paradox. Added bonus: when the characters must confront the possibility of time travel they initially reject the idea as absurd. In too many time travel stories the characters act like they learned all about it in 8th grade science class.

Hunt for Red October
My all time favorite submarine movie. (I'm a sucker for a good submarine story.) Drama, humor, suspense, and did I mention submarines?

October Sky
My all time favorite rocket movie. (I'm a sucker for a good rocket story.) Great period piece set in Appalachia of the 1950s. Great characters and story. And I absolutely love this movie because the protagonists are geeks. Quentin is my hero!

FancyPants said...

Bill, I love time travel movies. My absolute favorite time travel movie is Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve. Also a very sappy love story, so I'm not sure if it counts toward geek points, but if you haven't seen it, I think you'd like it, especially if you watch it with your gal. (He also doesn't initially accept the idea of time travel. Looks up a past college professor and reads his book, visits him, that kind of thing.) Have you seen it?

Haven't seen Final Countdown OR Hunt for Red October. Goin' on the queue! (When I told Seth about your movie suggestions, he freaked out about how good Hunt for Red October is, but I think you know you've got a fellow geek friend in him.)

Now, about October Sky...ehhhhh. We own it (Seth), and I didn't really get into it that much. To each his own.

Bill Hensley said...

Yes, I've seen Somewhere in Time before and enjoyed it. A sci-fi chick flick! I need to put it on our Netflix queue so we can watch it again.

Final Countdown gets double geek bonus points because it's also a war movie with a nuclear aircraft carrier and lots of flying jets. Seth should enjoy (I hope).

The all time geekiest time travel movie is Primer, a low budget indie flick that makes your head hurt trying to figure out what's going on. Very, very realistic, once you grant the basic premise that superconducting magnets might induce some kind of time dilation effect. It's an intriguing movie, but not as entertaining as some of the others.

mom said...

You'll love the movie, Just Like Heaven with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo!!!

We watched it tonight and Dad really liked it too!!!

FancyPants said...

Thanks, Mom! Adding it.

MamasBoy said...

Entertaining Angels
The Fugitive
Henry V with Kevin Branagh
A Man for All Seasons
Lean on Me
Music of the Heart
Chariots of Fire
The Scarlet and the Black
Seven Years in Tibet
The Black Arrow: A Tale of Two Roses (Netflix doesn’t have this one, but the book is better anyway)

Roy said...

I like time-travel, too. The Time Traveler's Wife is a good book in that vein.

The Final Countdown sounds similar to an episode of The X-Files that I vaguely remember.

FancyPants said...

MB, OK- I've seen The Fugitive, Lean on Me, Music of the Heart, and Chariots of Fire. Adding the others. Thanks for the suggestions. (Love Kenneth)

Roy, Did you know about this? Reminds me of that show Quantum Leap. I loved that show.

Roy said...

I did not know about that, although I did wonder if they'd ever make it into a movie. Thanks for the tip! Mrs. Roy will be pleased.