Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nanny Diaries

The 7-year-old and I have just finished two games of War (the card game.) The 7-year-old lies back, very still, and stares at the ceiling.

ME: Whatcha thinkin' Lincoln?...Huh?

7-YEAR-OLD: (Sigh)...I'm in love with someone!

ME: (laughing, can't help it) You ARE?!?! Who?!?!

7-YEAR-OLD: I'm in love with Eleanor! She kissed me on the LIPS!! I'm going to marry her.

ME: When did she kiss you on the lips?

7-YEAR-OLD: And we even went to dinner and there was a two-seater and we sat at the table by ourselves and it was like we were dating!

ME: Woah!

7-YEAR-OLD: Yes! And we even shared our drink and our food!!!

ME: Wow, that really is like a date!

7-YEAR-OLD: Well, just our food. We had our own drinks. And I got down on my knees and begged and begged her to marry me. I said, (he gets on his knees and puts his hands together in prayer fashion) "Please! Please! Please! MAAAAARRY MEEEEE!"

ME: Did she say yes?

7-YEAR-OLD: Uh-huh!

ME: Did Eleanor kiss you on the lips BEFORE or AFTER you asked her to marry you?

7-YEAR-OLD: (thinking) .....Before. But I think I'll have to kiss her again at the wedding. Won't I?

ME: Yes, you will.

7-YEAR-OLD: Will I HAVE to?

ME: Yes, you have to kiss her at the wedding.

7-YEAR-OLD: Why? Because that's what makes us married, right?

ME: Because it's tradition. Yes you will have to kiss Eleanor at your wedding.

7-YEAR-OLD: (He smiles and flops on the floor and buries his face into the rug.) Oh just thinking about it makes me sweat!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure Lincoln is not 14 or 15??

FancyPants said...


Well Lincoln is geez like, hundreds of years old, but this 7-year-old??, yep, quite sure.

Super Churchlady said...

I wonder if his mommy gets to hear all those jewels or if he saves them just for YOU.

Anonymous said...

ha ha to Super Churchlady. and Isn't war a game where you gamble?

FancyPants said...

SuperC, I did mention to his parents that he told me he was in love with Eleanor, and they acted like that was old news, so.

Sure seem to be a lot of anons showing up round these parts... All I know is the 7-year-old version of war, and it's when you flip two cards, and the person with the highest card gets to keep both. At least that was this 7-year-old's version.