Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wow. I am TIRED tonight. Rehearsals are getting longer and more intense. We've been rehearsing from 10 - 6 here in the city every day, but it goes to 12 hours out in Northport starting Friday. We open the day after Thanksgiving.

My head may even hit the pillow before midnight tonight. Gasp.

I have a hard time blogging during a show because my life becomes so...routine. I'm literally doing the same thing every single day. Same songs, same dance, same lines, same actions. I think actors crave the extreme repetition of a show, because usually, so much else in an actor's life is so inconsistent. Clarity in an imaginary life is consoling. I think that's also why there's an element of sadness when a show closes. That consoling sameness and the community that comes with it is yanked out from underneath you.

So if I'm boring you'll have to forgive me. I'll do my best to find something worth telling.

See I've even stopped titling my blogs. They just don't seem worthy of titles.

Ahhhh well. I'm off to bed.


Popcorn said...

I liked the line, "clarity in an imaginary life is consoling". Insightful.

truevyne said...

Not boring. You saw Julianne Moore at Starbucks. Okay, the post of the war conversation with the child you babysat got me.

tiny dancer said...

We got your Christmas present today!! It's so great!

Susanne said... do you do it??? Hang in there!

majorsteve said...

Same old song and dance huh?

FancyPants said...

Pop, why thank you.

True, he's a pretty smart cookie, huh?

TD, ooooh!

Susanne, one day at a time! And...I love it. That helps.

Major, that's right: same old song and dance. =-)