Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nanny Diaries

I babysat tonight after my rehearsal.

FYI: OK, y'all know I'm not a full-time nanny. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just that I'm not. But I DO babysit on a consistent basis for the same family, so I guess you could say I'm the Relief Nanny.

You know the four-letter-word? Not the sort of bad one but the REALLY bad one? The one that rhymes with what hockey players hit. SO, the 7-yr-old asks me at dinner tonight what it means. Some kid said it in school. OK now, I get saying "bagina" in 1st grade, but #*&%? 1st grade? Really?

Cuz when I was in first grade, on the second day of first grade to be precise, a kid told me to say the word "Ship," and I did. Then he told me to say it with a "Z" on the end, and I did (?). Then he told me to say it with a "T" on the end, and I did. And he raised his hand and told the teacher that I said a bad word. And I ran over to the teacher in her pretty yellow dress and swore I didn't mean to, over and over again, and she believed me. That kid was a jerk.

I don't remember when I learned what it meant.

But THIS four letter word? In 1st grade? Private boys school first grade. Yep.

I told him it was a naughty word and that we don't say it. What was I supposed to say? Seriously, do you TELL a first grader what that MEANS?

Seth swears I'm in training. I'm starting to believe him.


katy (aka funny girl) said...

1. You're definitely in training.

2. You definitely do not tell him what it means.

3. Unfortunately, the world these kids are growing up in has seriously changed. It's sad, but true.

4. How's rehearsal??

5. Do other people leave numbered lists in your comments section? I am such a dork.

Kristin said...

ha ha ha...

those are good stories....

My kindergartner has only said it when practicing rhyming "duck, luck, ......" Brody and I always start laughing, we should probably stop that....

FancyPants said...


1. I like your list.

2. Rehearsals are really fun.

3. I really love the rehearsal period before a show opens.

4. I'm definitely in training.

5. Cheerio.



Tully said...

Just tell him it means "firetruck"...except all the extra letters were taken out...and that he should only say "firetruck" when he sees a firetruck because no one uses that word anymore.

I find confusing them is the best strategy in times like these! :)