Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Shall Scream

I learned today in rehearsal that I can scream. I'm a pretty good screamer. I've never had to scream, and I don't recall ever just screaming in real life. I watched a behind the scenes on one of the Indiana Jones movies, where the actress COULDN'T scream, but Stephen Spielberg didn't know that until AFTER he hired her and found out she was an AWFUL screamer. Couldn't scream worth a hoot. And it just so happened that this Indiana Jones movie required her to scream alot. So they had to have her mouth the screams, and then go in and dub over someone else's prerecorded scream into every screaming scene.

And ever since I saw that behind the scenes, I've wondered if I'd be any good at screaming. But I never considered any moment of my life appropriate to just try out a scream.

Well, that moment came today.

My character, Bet, finds Nancy dead at the end of the musical. (Sorry if I ruined it for any of you.) And the director and choreographer had this "brilliant" idea that I should scream when I see Nancy dead.

I got a little nervous about it. Went up to the choreographer while the director worked with the other actors and said, I have NO idea if I can scream. I've never really done it before. And he told me to just go ahead. Try it out. Right then and there.

So I mustered up the courage, opened my mouth, drew in a deep breath, and let it RIP.

Everyone in the whole room jumped or gasped and looked over at me, frozen in fear. It was dead quiet. The choreographer just nodded and said, yeah, you can scream.

I said, sure I can, but I don't think my character would do that.

So he said OK, and I don't have to scream.

I feel better now that I know I can scream. Not that there's anything wrong with NOT being able to scream. I mean, Stephen Spielberg ended up marrying the actress that couldn't scream, so he musta liked her anyways. Not that I want my director to marry me...Oh you know what I mean.

Number of times I wrote the word "scream" in this post: anyone?


Seth Ward said...

Ummm, you better not want to marry your director!

This Southern Belle said...

Now, I am wondering. . .Can I scream?

Chaotic Hammer said...

22 times, including the title.

This is hilarious!

Sue said...

Well, talk about your degrees of separation... One of my best friends went to high school with that non-screaming actress. She was known as Kathy back then. So let's see, that's Kathy, my friend, me... and then you. Four degrees. Or if you want to count my friend Donna where I first found the link to your blog... five degrees. Or if we actually counted Shaun's blog where my friend Donna found Seth's blog and then found your blog... OK, I'm confusing myself.

But it's a small world, isn't it.

SandinaJ said...

You should let loose and scream more often. You said the word "scream", or a variation of the word 22 times in that post...including the title.

FancyPants said...

Seth, noooo no no no.

TSB, did you try it?

C-ham, =-)

Sue, very small world.

Sandina, yes I should.

This Southern Belle said...

I haven't, but I think I might when the baby wakes up in the mniddle of the night. . .for the umpteenth time. Because I imagine that the proper inspiration would be present to really let one loose.

Ok, maybe not, but this brings up a valid point. When exactly is the proper time/situation to try screaming?

katy (aka funny girl) said...

Hey screamer. I just left you some bloggy love on my blog. Cheers!!

mom said...

You were a pretty good screamer when you were a little girl, but haven't heard a grown-up scream yet in a grown-up musical!