Monday, November 17, 2008

Did I tell you guys that I saw Julianne Moore at Starbucks the other day? She's real pretty.

I don't have much to talk about. I'm about to go to another voice lesson, but I don't really want to talk about that.

Rehearsals are great, but I don't really want to talk about that either.

I had a matzah ball soup that I liked today! There's something to talk about. It was at a real Jewish deli owned by real Jewish people instead of a silly Manhattan deli owned by silly non-Jewish people. Matzah ball soup tastes just like chicken noodle soup! Except for those two big mushy dumpling like things in the center that don't taste like much of anything. It was good. Not sure why people get crazy about it, but it was good. And cheap. Maybe that's why people love it so much.


Anonymous said...

u saw Julianne? great!!!
and what does a star order at starbucks? (just curious)

Fork said...

I keep waiting for you to post stories about how you brought music back to an unhappy household. Or taught self-involved banker fathers to go fly kites with their neglected children.


Cristy said...

Julianne Moore is my hubby's "celebrity crush." He's got a thing for redheads. (Thankfully I'm also redhead.) My kids want to go to New York for Spring Break this year...after I tell hubby about your sighting, it'll be set in stone.

I've never tried matzah ball soup, they have it here in the deli in our building alot, but since they're not Jewish, I've always thought it wouldn't be the same.

FancyPants said...

Anon, something fabulous I'm sure.

Fork, or how I teach the children to feed the birds tuppence a bag? I do sing one of them to sleep with "Stay awake, don't rest your head..." That must count for something.

Cristy, I recommend refraining from the matzah unless you're in Jewish company.