Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let it Be Known....

that I woke up at 6 AM every day this week. That's right 6 AM!!! I got seen four times this week. Four times is good.

I forget how different these auditions are than anything else I've experienced in the music business. Not just because you sing for 1 minute and that's the end of it, but mostly because of the possibility of such negative energy in the room that could eradicate the smile off the face of Richard Simmons. It's always nice to get a cheery "Hi" when I walk into the room. A glance up from the papers on the table is good. A double-take, even better. The best is complete, unbroken attention from the man or woman behind the table. A smile goes a long way. Smiles are good. I like casting directors that smile. They're few and far between.

But that may not be so bad, really. If every casting director smiled at every auditionee that walked into the room, there'd be a whole lot of girls in stiletto heels and bouncy hair that get their feelings hurt when they don't get a phone call.

I find myself sitting AWAY from those girls in stiletto heels and bouncy hair. Not that there's anything wrong with stiletto heels. I like the heels. Just not the conversation. I really don't. I don't want to know the girl's resume and how she knows this director and thinks so and so on Broadway has the worst voice ever and if that girl can get on Broadway, surely she could. I don't want to talk about what song I'm singing or what song she's singing or how she heard the principals were already cast. How she thinks they're not really looking for anyone, they just have to hold the call. I don't want to waste my energy mustering up fake interest, raising my eyebrows, nodding my head, pretending like I care while she throws her weight around.

So now I just sit as far away as I can and read.

But today I didn't get up at 6 AM. Today I went to my friend's surprise 30th birthday party, after I watched Federer beat Djokovic, and Nadal and Murray's match get postponed because of the rain. It was weird that the rain postponing the match on T.V. was the same rain that made puddles on my deck. That was pretty cool.

Tomorrow I'm making my vision board.


Rob said...

I'm so proud of you! :-)

Seriously, both for getting up early and for pouring so much of yourself into something you love.

So what's a "vision board" and why do you need one?

Super Churchlady said...

Hang in there, Amber! It's gonna happen.

SandinaJ said...

You know what?!? I grew up with some of the coolest people. Living in the Dallas area, not many people can say that they have a friend that moved to NY to pursue their dreams...I can say I have two close friends that have done that, and a few other friends that are pursuing their singing/acting careers elsewhere. I have such an overwhelming sense of pride for my high school friends here lately. Way to go Amber! Keep on truckin' sweetie.

By the way, I love the idea of a Vision Board. In the wise words of my mom, "You can do anything you put your mind to." It's true.

Love you!!

This Southern Belle said...

Seriously, way to represent PSHS Fancypants! I am so proud of you!

FancyPants said...

High school. Good times.

San, did you get my text about Kel's baby? I think I had the right number... Love you, too!

Rob, Vision board!

SandinaJ said...

Actually, yes I did get your text...but don't have the ability to text back on that phone. I will have to call you from my new number.

I'm so jealous that you got to be there! I'm so proud of her too...but for different reasons. She is going to be a FANTASTIC mama.