Saturday, September 20, 2008

Can't Sleep

Somebody remind me to never take a Mucinex ever again. I'm telling you, they kill me. 4 hours ago I was stoned, as Seth put it, and now I'm wide awake at 5 AM, and not a lick of sleep. My brain won't stop. My heart's pounding. I'm hungry. So, I'm assuming that would be the other half of that big honkin' pill I took. The white half, maybe. Not the expectorant half, the other half, the half that's a few chemicals shy of crack. I actually took two pills.

I've got a continual and conscious narration of my thoughts going on inside my head. It doesn't help that, with my new reading companion, Wuthering Heights, (which I read right before bed) I'm thinking with a British accent and inflection. Which is both interesting and amusing all in itself: One part of my consciousness listening to the other part speak in proper British form.

Anyway, I've got a dang cold.

Or shall I say...A temporary illness led on by winds of misfortune has befallen me, and I dare say I must take necessary precautions to beseech its retreat. Retreat, I say! Retreat, unwanted ghoul of nature. Ahhh, retreat unto the far reaches of origin that you might sink back into nonexistance and disturb one's slumber no more.

Yeah, so....can't sleep.


Chaotic Hammer said...

Yuck, sorry to hear you're sick.

But wow, what I would give to be a fly on the wall there. Fancy stoned on cold medicine and hearing British voices, and Seth... well, just being Seth. :-)

Muses Gone Wild!

This Southern Belle said...

LOL, Bronte would be so proud.

Audrey said...

feel better soon!

tiny dancer said...

excellent usage of the word beseech :)

FancyPants said...

C-Ham, so what you're saying is Seth is loopy enough without being stoned on cold medicine.

TSB, I love those ladies.

Audrey, thanks a mil.

Tiny D, why thank you, my dear newly aquired sister of two years and a fortnight. Two fortnights, rather. Or is it three? See, this is where my British lingo suffers. What the heck is a fortnight? (Wiki says 14 days...)

Roy said...

You want the Dictionary entry for fortnight, which gives the etymology:
Middle English fourtenight, alteration of fourtene night, fourteen nights ...

Now you'll never forget. :^)