Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Things I Like in the New Year

Some new things I like a whole lot lately:

Sudoku: completely addicting.

Haagen Daz Vanilla Raspberry Swirl Frozen Yogurt: delicious and refreshing.

Brussel Sprouts: can you believe it? I made them tonight to look like the picture above.

Superfood: it looks gross but tastes SO good.

Sleeping Pills: obviously

Gap Body Lotion: These I liked all last year but just started using them every day because it gets so dry here.

MacBook: because it kicks major hynie.

My iPhone: because it's rad.


Amy said...

I love Brussel sprouts. :)

majorsteve said...

Fancy I have been badly strung out on Sudoku for about the past eight or nine months. The time that I used to spend reading books has been replaced by sudoku puzzle books. I started out with regular sudoku puzzles until they no longer provided the kick I was seeking. Now it has gotten totally out of control with things like Wordoku, a hybrid of Sudoku and anagram puzzles, shape Sudoku where the interior "boxes" are irregular shapes instead of squares, and lately 16x16 numerical sudoku puzzles with diagonals. But it's just a phase. I went through the same thing with logic puzzles, online Scrabulous, cube puzzles, etc. Still, there's something about Sudoku that tickles that little part of the brain and induces that out of time, out of body experience you know.

FancyPants said...

Ha! Major, that's hilarious. You're right! There's something about Sudoku that satisfies both sides of the brain. And it's so cozy! I'm about to curl up on the couch right now and start a new one. Since it's about 15 degrees ouside there's no way I'm venturing out unless I have to. I just cleaned the apartment, lit a cozy candle, and Sudoku is calling. I've recently advanced from the "Demanding" to the "Beware! Very Challenging!" Wish me luck.

Amy, aren't they delicious?!?! The first time I tried to "carmelize" them I burnt the heck out of 'em. But I think I've almost got it. A couple of nights ago I was pretty pleased with myself after scarfing down a dozen or so.

Roy said...

So I have to post my favorite online Sudoku resources:
1. Sudoku Solver will present you with a puzzle (or you can enter one) and then solve it one step at a time, so you can see what strategies are required. Some strategies are insanely complex.
2. The Daily Difficult Sudoku gives you a real stumper each day. There are a lot of empty squares to fill in. It makes the Sudoku Solver handy.
3. OpenSky Sudoku Generator generates a PostScript file of puzzles, so you can print them out and do them by hand. Guaranteed unique solutions, but no guarantee that you won't have to use the Solver. Especially if you choose "Very Hard" difficulty.

truevyne said...

Hardly anyone understands this, but I do sudokus to fall asleep every night.

FancyPants said...

TrueV, I totally understand that. Now combine sudoku with some good ole fashioned sleeping pills and you're set! Works for me, knock on wood.

(No peer pressure intended)