Friday, August 29, 2008

Just a list

A list of things I've done in the past two weeks:

Sat in the living room with the in-laws
Slept late
Sat outside and watched the hummingbirds
Sat with my best friend right before and right after she gave birth...for the first time
Held a newborn
Loaded pics into Facebook
Beat my parents in Spades TWO TIMES out of three which makes Seth and I the champions
Played tennis
Watched tennis
Played tennis again
And again
Watched No Country for Old Men, what's up with that title anyway?
Watched I Am Legend
Helped Mom cook
Watched a movie I've never heard of before from the 80's with Martin Sheen called Believers.
Watched the end of River Wild. Love that movie
Played Apples to Apples with my family.
Made Appletini's for the first time ever. Think I made 'em a little strong...
Held my dog
Read the newspaper
Drank lots of coffee
Packed three months into two bags
Cleaned out my purse
Talked to my brother and his wife about their calling to be missionaries. They leave next year.
Got a spa pedicure with mom and my sister-in-law
Talked to my in-laws about politics
Made brownies...twice.
Ate mint chocolate chip ice cream...more than twice.

And now we leave for New York. And I feel really sad. And really excited.


Super Churchlady said...

You've had a whirlwind summer since G and I saw you in NYC in May. The good thing is that you are going back to the City when it's the most lovely, I think.

Chaotic Hammer said...

And now we leave for New York. And I feel really sad. And really excited.

Then I'm happy and sad for you.

(Name that movie)

Anonymous said...

sounds like you've been busy! I never knew you had a dog!