Friday, August 22, 2008

Back from the Dead

It's like I was frozen in ice or something. I get back from Kentucky and find the Olympics more than half over, John Edwards cheated on his cancered wife, Ellen DeGeneres married Portia, and Bernie Mac is dead. Bernie Mac? Not to mention all the other national and international news of which I should be aware.

And I now stare directly into the fact that I learn more from People Magazine than the New York Times. But I mean, come on. We're still at war. It's still Obama and McCain. And "going green" is still the solution to global warming. So...I didn't really miss much there. Oh, and gas prices still suck.

We had no internet for most of the summer, except through Seth's iPhone, which consequently convinced me...I want one. Not just for the iPhone. For the iSolitaire.

What we did have was 42 days straight with no day off. 12 - 15 hour days. Spiders in our bed. Three different housing situations, one which involved a tub filled with backed up poop water. And a broken back. Actually it was a bone sheer and it belonged to me. Bone sheers hurt, but osteopaths are miracle men, especially the one who treated me for free. I was out only one show, and half another, which wasn't so bad, considering how bad it could have been. There was no big accident, no mishap, nothing from which I could gain any extra cash. My back started hurting and got worse and worse until I was walking like my father. One day I took 8 Aleve in a 12 hour period and it still felt like 4 knives were being jabbed into strategic parts of my tailbone.

It wasn't all bad.

I rehearsed and performed three different shows in 12 weeks, made a lot of new friends, learned a lot about myself, played three different Five Cent Stand mini-concerts at three different churches, gave away lots of Bitter Kiss CD's, watched four seasons of "House" with our pal, Joey, sang to my heart's content, discovered Wendy's twisted Frosties, learned to like roast beef, worked as a professional actor, and did it all with my husband right beside me. Can't beat that.

So of course whether you like it or not, you'll get pictures. Lots of pictures. And who knows, maybe a video clip, if I can get my hands on one. I'm glad to be done. I'm sad to be done. I can't wait to get back to New York City.

The picture parade begins:

Wizard of Oz (Dorothy):

"Why it's just like you could read what was inside of me..."

"If I only had a brain..."

"Oh look Scarecrow! It's a man...a man made out of tin! Yes."

"If I only had the heart..."

"If I only had the nerve..."

"We're off to see the Wizard..."

"Well, bust my buttons!"

Lil' Dorothies every night.

This one may have been the biggest fan of them all. She came to every show dressed like a different character each time. (I think she was a munchkin's sister)

A Chorus Line up next...


cool dad said...

Glad to hear that you survived, and even flourished, despite back pain and poop water! We're looking forward to more pictures and maybe some video.

By the way, we're moving to NYC (at least for a month - trying for more) and if you want, we'd love to meet up!

Cristy said...

Glad you're back, I missed reading your's and Seth's blogs while you were away. Looking forward to more pictures!

Bill Hensley said...

Sounds like an experience you and Seth will remember for a lifetime. Congratulations, and welcome back to the rest of the world!

Anonymous said...

cute pictures! it seems that you always have a little fan club:)and I would love to see a video of you singing "some where over the rainbow"!I love you and miss you!


euphrony said...

So, what's your excuse for not posting more often? I mean, come on, all that free time you had. And we all know there's nothing to do in Kentucky.

By the way, it looks like Dorothy has some strange electronic equipment growing out of her hair.

But seriously, it looks like you had fun.

Chaotic Hammer said...

It was cool to see you and Seth again. We had so much fun there, thoroughly enjoyed our restful time off, and were especially amazed, amused, delighted, tickled, and genuinely impressed with your performances.

You're a freakin' awesome Dorothy!

Popcorn said...

These pictures are beautiful. You make a lovely Dorothy.