Friday, March 7, 2008

The Fam's Comin'

I just saw them, but lucky for me, my family's coming to NYC tomorrow for my brother's Spring Break. It's the family vacation this year. We've been planning it for a while now, primary reason being, my family loves to PLAN. Man, can we plan! Unlike Seth's family, who have no idea what they're gonna do until 5 minutes before they do it. Every time. Always. It's how it is. It's how it always will be. My family, however, gets irritable and grumpy without a plan. Except for my brother. He's the laid back one of the family. Or maybe it's just that we've always planned for him, so why should he start now?

Since we've moved to New York, I've seen my parents more than when we lived in Texas. Pretty cool, actually. My dad has business to attend to here, so my mom tags along, and it's always a blast. No matter what we're doing, my mom has this way of making it hilariously fun. Take for instance, last time they were here. Seth and I had just moved from the ganuf's building into our newfound haven, and Mom and Dad helped us get moved in and situated. This is me and mom making a "shower caddy."

I mean, really, how fun can it be? Soooo much fun.

Doesn't get much more fun than that.

While my dad slaves away in the next room, doing this:

Yep. Putting up shelves. As many of you handy people know, he's finding the studs with the nifty stud-finder. Seth kept wondering why the thing didn't light up and beep when it passed him....

You better believe it, we had planned for those shelves to be put up. Right down to the hour of day. And don't feel sorry for ole' dad. He loves it! No, really. He loves it! I think he might just put up shelves all day long if he could. It's like a puzzle to him.

" why is this showing studs 16 inches apart here (finger thumps the wall twice) but then 12 inches apart here? And then LOOK, I get here and it's like a big huge solid...(moves the stud finder over the same area about 12 times) something.... Concrete. (Decisively) It's gotta be concrete, or maybe brick. Nope. The shelves won't work there. Let's try over here...hmmmm."

But watch out, Seth. With dad around, you're doin' stuff you never even IMAGINED you could do!

That's Seth putting up a hand towel ring on the wall. Dad approves.

While I've been blessed to see my parents often, I haven't seen much of my brother at all. He still lives in Texas. He and his wife attend a missionary training school and plan to go overseas as missionaries in the near future. They were able to come see my show in Houston. My brother gave me a Belle doll after the show. It is now a permanent decorative fixture in our apartment. Here's me, my brother, and the doll. It made my night to see them there.:

Handsome guy, huh? And here's his gorgeous wife sitting next to him at the show, and his wife's sister next to her:

They are a beautiful couple, both with hearts sensitive to the Lord and hungry for His Word and the gospel of Christ. I'm not ready for them to move so far away. But I'm thankful for these next few days with them. Love you guys. See ya soon!


Anonymous said...

Mine and Beeki's families are exactly the same way. Hers plans, mine improvises. Our families stress the hell out of each other.

Glad you're going to get to see yours!

SandinaJ said...

All I gotta say is you have the best looking family I've ever seen. I've always thought that.

Good to see that everyone is doing well. Miss you!

majorsteve said...

What a great family Fancy. Did you say that was your Mother or your Sister?

FancyPants said...

Cach, I don't know if our families stress the hell out of each other, because they live far apart, but we've definitely learned to adapt to each other. It actually works really well that I plan and he doesn't. I help him get his s#%! together, and he helps me to not worry sometimes. It's good.

Sandina, thanks! Miss you, too. How's your family?

Major, she looks like my sister, right? She's even more beautiful in person.

Popcorn said...

Fancy, that is the cutest blog! Your fam is lovely and my fav is Seth installing that towel ring. Too funny.

FancyPants said...

Popcorn, yeah, he was real proud of himself. =-)

Kelly said...

Dear Fancy, you are blessed. May God continue to abide with you and your fam.

Susanne said...

I thought your Mom was your best friend! How does she stay so young and beautiful? What a nice family. Have a fun visit!

FancyPants said...

Kelly, thank you.

Susanne, actually, she is my best friend! mom, too. She was one of my bridesmaids at my wedding. =-) And...I think her secret to staying young and beautiful is laughing alot. She laughs all the time. Always finding the humor in things. And staying young at heart. Keeping herself busy and engaged. But she also had me when she was 23, so she's still young, really.