Monday, February 23, 2009


Rehearsals are going well. My cast is amazing. My director has issues with sentimentality and therefore keeps cutting more of my lines out of the play, because, well, my character is the sentimental one. The first two times I was like, yeah, that line was dumb. Cool. Then the third time, I thought...hey now, that's three of my lines gone. And if he does it again, I might just have to stand up for poor Beth here and plead her case.

Our Jo was in Cry Baby on B'way before it closed. She's really fun to work with. They're ALL fun to work with. My director included, even though he keeps chopping my lines.

Seth is now the acting music director of Central Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. We led worship today and it was a blast. My husband plays the organ. Who knew? We feel incredibly blessed by the people there and are so thankful for them.

More about the church later. I'm exhausted. Gotta sleep.


Roy said...

It seems to me that if they cut out the sentimentality from Little Women, you'd end up with a skit.

But maybe I just have the wrong impression. I haven't seen the show. Although it is being produced here in town again.

Congrats on your role and Seth's acting role. You know, acting music director.

Sometimes my jokes are funny.

Julio said...

That's great! I bet they were blessed with your ministry guys!!

FancyPants said...

Roy, you're right. I don't think it's possible to cut out anywhere close to ALL sentimentality in this show. My director's not that bad. I actually think he's right in that if you play the opposite, it the sentamentality reads more sincere.

Thank Julio! We're very excited about what God's doing through these people.

mandy said...

Shame... Beth is like the heartbeat behind the whole stinking book. If the audience doesn't have the time to get to know her, how are they gonna mourn along with the characters at the end?

FancyPants said...

Hi Mandy! Enjoying your comments. One of the things we've talked about with our director is how to make an adaptation of a classic story something that can stand alone apart from the original story. It's difficult. Like for instance, the harry potter movies. In many instances when you watch. The movies you have to have read the book to truly understand the characters.

All that to say, I think you're exactly right. Since this adaptation is scaled down QUITE a bit from the book (especially since it's a musical) I have to find how to convey that heart and soul in the limited time that I have. It's a challenge, and I hope I can do it justice. I mostly kid about my director chopping my lines. He's not that bad. But I've thought the same thing that you said. Beth has to be mourned. Hopefully this script sets that up properly and we deliver it appropriately.