Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have never been more glad to be in Houston than in these past two days. The most beautiful day in the whole history of Houston was Sunday. 60's. Big clear blue sky. Birds singing right outside my window. In FEBRUARY!!

I took a walk Monday. One, because it was such a beautiful day. Two, because I'm so used to walking around town that it's not right to stay holed up in a house or in a car, or wherever. And three, because I can't get enough of that Texas sky. It was always one of my favorite things about Houston.

Almost as good as my friends here. I'm having such a good time visiting my friends that I, at times, wonder why we left at all. I wonder for a fleeting moment, and then I remember. I know we were right to leave. But it makes me long for heaven when we won't ever have to leave our friends, our family. Or if we physically leave them, no big deal, right? Because it all goes on forever and we'll be back in no time. Literally, no time. Which is weird. I've taken the notion of writing everyone a letter. A big, sappy letter to every person I know in Houston. Even my (guys, close your eyes)...girlie doctor, who I visited on Monday. She was so nice to me that I wanted to write her a letter. A letter to my OB/GYN? Yeah. It's kind of ridiculous. Even my dentist! Who I visited today, for only $10. Heck, I should write my insurance company a letter!

I rehearse in the evenings, so my days are play time, basically. I wake up late. (A little like heaven, too, I think.) I make coffee. I sometimes watch Ellen. I go to doctors and run errands. I get my toes and eyebrows done with my friend, Super Churchlady. And then I go be Belle for the evening. It's...I don't's...INCREDIBLE.

When I first got here on Thursday, it felt like I had left a week ago. I remembered everything so perfectly. It was like New York was a vacation and I was coming home. Then I woke up the next day and felt nostalgic and out of place. Like everything was so foreign and strange. And NOW, I want to write everyone a letter. This is so weird and good and fun and sad.... I'm a mess.


Seth Ward said...

Don't forget to write me a letter!

I don't think I'd be writing a ... man doctor though... Women can get away with that.

I'm definitely trekking with you on this on Fancy.

See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Come to Waco.

Chaotic Hammer said...

"Houston is of the Devil."

--Seth Ward, 2007

truevyne said...

When I visit the Northern Ky/Cincinnati area where I grew up, I get a flood of emotion with every landmark.
I can hardly drive up I-75 without thinking about how as a child, I believed the tunnels with bars along the highway held lions from the Kentucky border all the way to the zoo.
There's a spot on Turkeyfoot Road I always think about an old friend and mourn the way his life has turned out.
I get cravings for UDF milkshakes at the first sight of familiar stomping ground.
I wonder how all the thriftstores I bought my mostly black college wardrobe have faired.
I think about the gastoenterologist I visited who spoke the words "terminal illeum" into his little recorder with me in the room. Of course, all I heard was "Terminally ill"...

Amy said...

It's a good thing that we can't always feel the way we miss people because life would be way too sad! Enjoy the time.

MeR SpAlDinG said...

Im UBER glad you're here and not in BORING, STUFFY, New York!!!!

FancyPants said...

Seth, you have a man doctor?

Cach, wish I could.

C-Ham, that's only true in the summer. And when it's hot in the spring and fall...and winter.

TrueV, do you know Prestonsburg, KY?

Amy, very true.

Mer, I'm UBER glad I'm here, too. Especially cuz I get to hang out with the coolest girl in town.

littlekernal said...

Im so sad yall are in h town when I am not:( so so sad! none-the-less I know my mom and dad love having you guys back even for a second and so that makes me happy:) I hope h town treats you well and your show goes above and beyond the expected! I can only imagine how perfect you are for Belle. She's my favorite princess so dont mess it up! haha just kidding. You couldnt mess up if you tried. I wish I could be there to stand up at the end and yell "SHE WAS MY VOICE TEACHER!!"
as my heart swells with pride:)


FancyPants said...

Little Kernal,

Hi!!! I now have a mental image of you screaming "SHE WAS MY VOICE TEACHER!" during my bow at the end. So I'll be smiling all the more. Wish you were here, too, but you gotsta learn you some college. So, you're excused. Barney will love me in your stead. =-) He's been real nifty. Hope to see you soon!

Chaotic Hammer said...

Fancy - Of course, I mostly jest about poor old Houston, really.

Katy is my hometown. My brother and several very dear friends still live down there. I have many good memories from growing up there, and those will always stay with me. My daughter was born in Houston.

When we decided we were leaving California but still hadn't chosen a specific destination yet, we even made a visit there and looked at some homes.

But it has changed a lot, and none of it for the better. I can't imagine ever living there again, for a whole lot of reasons. But yeah, there are a lot of great people there.