Monday, February 11, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

I'm leaving for Houston this week to play my favorite role of all time. This is really exciting for me. Truthfully, I've been waiting for a chance to play this role, and here it is!! I hope it's not the last time, but it's definitely the first!

Tickets are on sale at

Here's directions to The Stafford Centre.

Would love for any of you Houston-ites (or not, my parents are coming in from Oklahoma =-) ) to come see the show! Spread the word!


Anonymous said...

Go on with your bad self! They beat me to the punch.

Chaotic Hammer said...

It's so cool that you get to play your dream role.

And look at your billing on the poster -- it basically says "Our very own Off Broadway Star returns home!".


Elaine said...

I am so excited to know you do blog...I have spent a little an hour catching up on your life and I feel well informed now :) We are so going to try and work out a way to get to Houston at the end of the month...but if all else fails we are coming to NY in August - we have a friend getting married and we are turning it into a trip for us!!! Sounds like you guys are really doing great...Congrats on being brave and obedient.

MamasBoy said...

Congrats again. One question I have is how you can play this role having not been in Houston for practices?

Joanna Martens said...

omg that's friggin AWESOME! This is FOR SURE one of the best roles ever.

I can hear the music in my head.

"little town, it's a quiet village..."


Bill Hensley said...

Starring Amber Ward. That sure looks good! Congratulations.

Oh, and have fun with Julio. He's a great guy -- and my wife tells me he's really handsome!

Seth... Seth! Are you listening? :-)

FancyPants said...


Sadly, yes. BUT I hope the Hippo will have a place for me sooner than later. =-) You and Becky have been such an encouragement to me through all of this ("this" being my recent return to musical theatre), whether you've known it or not.

C-ham, thanks!

Elaine, Yay!! Do you know the dates of the August trip yet?

MB, I leave this week for two weeks of rehearsal in Houston. I've been studying the role, and have to be off-book by the time I get there. They started rehearsals a week or so ago and are working me in when I arrive.

Joanna, I love that song!! There's a song added in the stage version called "Change in Me." It's really great, too.

Bill, Seth is all the beast I'll ever need. (Sorry...just...couldn't resist.) Except handsome before I professed my undying love for him, not just after.

Stephen and Haley said...

Congrats Ambular!! I'm so excited for you and I would LOVE to see you play Belle! You know if we were still in Dallas we would make the trip down for the show!


This Southern Belle said...

Oh, my favorite! How wonderful and exciting--I am sure that you will be great!!

Susanne said...

My little girl and I will be going to the Sunday show!! We're excited!

FancyPants said...


Miss ya, girl.





Popcorn said...

Amber we are so excited to be coming to your show opening night! You will be the most perfect Belle ever. How lucky Fort Bend is that you were able to come down for this.

FancyPants said...

Thanks, Popcorn!

Julio Arriola said...

Hey, I stold your picture (Beauty and the Beast)for my blog, he, he. This has been a great experience!! Oh my goodness the show is TOMORROW!!!!!

FancyPants said...