Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nanny Diaries

I took the two-year-old to swimming lessons today. He was a doll. The whole time I sat there with a big grin on my face because he was so cute. His other babysitter (who usually is the one who takes him to swimming) instructed me to, after the lesson, shower the little guy off in the open shower at the corner of the room and shampoo his hair, so we wouldn't have to bathe him later.

The lesson ended. The two-year-old's swim instructor approached me after the lesson.

We'll just call him....Goob.


Have I met you before?


(thinking) Oh brother... (Then out loud) Uh...yeah, I think once, when I brought his older brother to swimming. I usually work evenings so this is pretty new to me.


(as I'm getting two-year-old ready to shower off) So are you from New York City?


(thinking) Here we go... (then out loud) From Texas, actually.


Oh. (As I'm heading with two-year-old to the shower) How long have you been working with this family?


Uh...probably a year and a half, or so.


(While I'm at the shower shampooing the two-year-old's hair) Hey, I was thinking, since I probably won't see you again, I should probably go ahead and ask...


(thinking) NO!!! DON'T ASK! PLEASE! DO. NOT. ASK!


Would you like to have dinner with me?


I'm married.




Yeah...haha...I'm flattered...but no.

Note to self and all other Nut Nannies in New York City: when watching child's swimming lessons, watch nonchalantly and keep outward forms of expression to yourself, unless Goob swimming instructor mistakes smiles and *thumbs up* to be for himself rather than for child.


Super Churchlady said...


You still got it, Babe! Just enjoy it. A day will come when all the Goobs will stop asking. Relish in the fact that you're GORGEOUS.

cool mum said...

awesome post! hahaha

Audrey said...

wow. that's hilarious. hah hah=) you should be flattered! aha hah hah!

Anonymous said...

don't you just hate it when some goofy goober comes around with the stupid idea that someone as beautiful as you would EVER HAVE ANYTHING BUT CONTEMPT for someone as inferior as he? I mean, doesn't it just fry your buns to think that he would think, even for a second, that he would ever have a "snowball's chance" with you? Who does he think he is? What an idiot. Can't he SEE that he's not in your league? Some people just think they are so...

Seth Ward said...

Yes, some people think that. And they would be right.

She's entirely too good for them. they should leave her alone. For further inquiries they may contact her husband.

JDL Photography said...

Oh, that made me laugh! I've even been hit on in the presence of my kiddos--wow, what winners, huh? ;) The goobs never really go away--they just get older and goobier. ;)

nicole said...

Ha ha! I wish I still got hit on. Wait, I never got hit on to begin with. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading more of your nanny adventures.