Monday, March 9, 2009

To Be or Not To Be

Oh fancied friends I am not a dedicated blogger these days. I'm sorry the posts are few and far between, and sorry that I haven't been able to make it over to your blogs to read and comment. But my hope is that you're all well and happy and content.

At this very moment I'm on a train to Northport for another long tech rehearsal. We're behind but all in all I'm very excited about how the show is coming together. Right now my cast mates are probably wondering where I am because I forwent the gathering ritual of meeting before the track is announced. I'm a little grumpy this morning and thought I'd spare them all my sullen face. By the time we get there I should be less sleepy and less irritable - irritable because I lost my scarf in the train station. One minute it was hanging loosely from my neck (I had just undone it because I was burning up hot from the cramped subway ride), the next minute gone. Did it fall? Did someone slyly pull it from my neck when I was indecisively trying to figure out which bottled water to buy? Of all things, my pashmina! It was pink. And pretty. My pretty, pink pashmina is now gone forever. And I didn't even buy it. It was a hand-me-down. Actually I was kind of borrowing it. There. Truth be told. It wasn't even mine. Dadgummit.

I looked all around on the floor where I had been. Missing pashmina nowhere to be found. Someone is walking the streets of New York this very minute with my pretty pink pashmina. Well not really mine.... Dangit.

There's this one part in my big duet I sing with Jo, where I am going to (gasp) change the melody! Actually it's just one note but I thoroughly hate this one note, and sparing you the boring details, I'm just telling you. I'm going to change it! I've figured it all out, and I think my way is much better on all accounts. I'm trying to decide if I actually need to inform my musical director. One thing I do know is that musical theater people don't like changing notes. As a folk-slash-pop-slash-kindofrock-slash-Christian recording artist you can change notes all day long and it's ok! But these musical theater folk....oh no. I might scare the scarf off my musical director (he typically wears one) and bring the whole darn number to a svreaching halt.

"Woah woah woah. (nervous chuckle). Uh.... Fancypants.... You sag a B instead of a D there. (nervous chuckle... Wraps scarf back around his neck).

To which I could have numerous responses.

Number 1: Yeah. I know. Who wrote this song? They kind of suck. I'm not singing the D there.

Number 2: OH!!! Oops. That just kinda happened. But I sort of one it better. What do you think?

Number 3: I am so sorry. My mistake, won't happen again. (or will it, she says to herself)

Hmmmmm. Or I could just work it I win my musical director before hand so as not to risk another scarf being lost, but risking my idea being shut down.

Diva or not to be diva? THAT is the question. What should it be, folks?


Popcorn said...

Precious Fancydiva, sing your B and do not run it by Mr.Scarf.

I'm feeling the loss of your lovely pink scarf. That's killer painful.

This Southern Belle said...

I'm sorry about your pashmina. :( What a bummer!

Well, did you change the note? I hope that you did!

Sue said...

I am thinking it must be "Some Things Are Meant To Be"... yes? I can see two sides to your dilemma. 1. You've already mentioned that your director has cut several things from the show (i.e. some of your lines). So maybe messing with the note will not be seen as such a big deal. 2. As a writer, I lean toward you singing the song as written.

I am so sorry you lost your scarf. If I owned a pashmina, I would send it to you immediately just to make you feel better.

katy (aka funny girl) said...

Definitely option 2. (I was going to say "number 2" but that just didn't sound right.)

I'm changing notes too. Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Fork said...

PLAY DUMB! I do it all the time and it NEVER FAILS! The people in charge always like to feel like they're smarter than you!

"I sang the wrong note? Oh, okay. I'll work on that."

"You did it again, Fancy."

"I DID? Oh, I'm SORRY. I just--I get in the middle of the song and I just get carried away and I quit thinking. I KNOW I'll get it right next time."

Or if you wait until dress-tech, most of the time they're SO busy worrying about other things that THAT'S the time to make your little tweaks. They almost never say anything because they're more worried about the next light cue.

Works like a charm.