Sunday, June 8, 2008

We made it!

I wish I could be more present these days. We're in 12 hour day rehearsals. Trying to get a show up in 11 days, well...5 more days now. I'm exhausted. But having a blast. Just tired.

The first show to open will be Honky Tonk Angels. I'm diggin' this old country music. I'm actually falling in love with Dolly Parton. Have you heard "Front Porch Swing"? Such a beautiful song. And 9 to 5 is crazy fun. And Paradise Road, great stuff. Dolly just has this facility of voice that's unreal. Such vocal flexibility, while keeping it so pure and beautiful and natural. Love her. I'm also loving Bobbie Gentry and Loretta Lynn.

Other songs...we do a clogging bit in Rocky Top. That's fun. And what else is there...ummm...Cleopatra...Boots are Made for Walkin...The Pill...Stand By Your Man...Honky Tonk Angels (course)...Calling All Angels...Good Girls Gonna Go Bad....Night Life...Harper Valley PTA....Coal Miner's Daughter....Ode to Billy Joe...and my personal favorite.....FANCY!!!

The cast and crew are really great here. So far, no divas. Just sweet people. And that's saying something because this first show is all girls. Except Seth and the band. Three female characters in the show, that's it. And then we have our understudies. And both the director and music director are women. Now that could get crazy, y'all. But so far so good. Seth has to be at all the rehearsals as the asst. musical director, and he plays keys for this show, so he's witnessed an (un)fair share of estrogen-slash-stress induced breakdowns this week. I'm sure there'll be more to come. I'm so glad he's here.

I've never crammed so much information into my brain at one time. I'm loving it.

Kentucky is...Kentucky. It's beautiful here, but it's a culture shock. A little depressing at first, but I think once the rehearsal schedule slows down in July and we have more time during the day, I'll get to enjoy the state park more. Hiking...the lake...sleeping in.....

Hope to post more in the coming days.

And I hope you are all well and enjoying the beginning of summer!

I'll leave you with this, because it's Dolly and I'm just now understanding why everyone loves her so much.


Chaotic Hammer said...

How the heck does she play guitar with such long fingernails on her left hand? Wow, that's wild. But a very cool song.

We're looking forward to coming up and seeing your shows, and hanging out a little bit if you guys have time. We should probably exchange some e-mails about it so we can figure out when we should come, and what reservations to make and such. Thanks.

tiny dancer said...

I've always been a closet Dolly fan :) Glad to know someone with a professional opinion actually thinks she's cool too! (well, my fan-ship was less to do with her music and more b/c she's adorable)

Popcorn said...

So glad to hear you are having fun. So happy you both are there together. What a great way to spend the summer.

truevyne said...

I don't dig Dolly's music so much, but she is one incredible person. Have you heard the story about her pulling on her momma's sleeve and saying something like, "Isn't she the most beautiful woman you've ever seen? Her clothes and face are so pretty!" about the town prostitute? Dolly says that how she found her own style- Tacky and Cheap. So down to earth.

majorsteve said...

It's good to hear from you Fancy. I am happy to hear that ya'll are having fun and meeting the challenge with all of your God given talents and youthful energy.

A little culture shock can be a good thing. I realize that there are a lot more ugly and stupid people in Kentucky than in NYC, but there are probably a lot fewer arrogant a$#holes too (per capita). Try to see the inner beauty in everyone you encounter. And if you get a little depressed, well...listen to what the blues are sayin'

Bill Hensley said...

I'm so glad to hear things are going great in Kentucky. Sounds like y'all are having lots of fun, even though it's hard work.

I grew up with country and gospel roots through my grandparents in East Texas. I even went through a brief country phase as an adult. I agree with you about Dolly Parton. Despite the cheap and tacky shtick she comes across as a warm and caring human being.

Have you ever heard the album Trio? It has some gorgeous vocal harmonies in a traditional country style by Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. I highly recommend it.

This Southern Belle said...

I heart Dolly. :)

Amy Seay said...

Oh, I hope you have so much fun! I'll have to check the schedule and drive time, but it would be fun to come and see you! I love Dolly too..

Anonymous said...

Update! Now!