Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Pictures: The Gold Dress

How can you not love playing this role when you get to wear dresses like this?...

As you can see, I'm real happy about my dress. Cogsworth's sister-in-law made it. She's amazing. I wish I could wear dresses like that every day. My four-year-old niece dresses up like a princess every day. Why can't I?

Me and Lumiere

And when you get to take pictures with little brown-eyed girls like this...

Oh my gosh, she had the biggest, most beautiful brown eyes.

One little 4-year-old girl came up to me, kissed my cheek and said in her sweet little voice, "I love you."

One little girl stood with her daddy after the show, and when she saw me, gasped and said, "She's real!"

And then another one handed me this wilted flower. As she handed it to me, wide-eyed and speechless, her mom told me she had picked it before the show and held it the whole time so she could hand it to me afterwards.

My sweet husband and parents. I'm so thankful for the support my husband and my parents continually give. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing without the encouragement Seth has given me. I am so blessed. My parents haven't missed a show yet.

And here's some more fun ones I found:

Gaston and the Beast rehearsing the fight scene.

Silly Girls and Lefou swoon over Gaston

"My daughter...odd? Now where did you get an idea like that?"
Papa and his invention

My friend and email buddy, Audrey, playing Chip! She did a FANTASTIC job. During the show she was inside a rolling cart, with only her head sticking out the top...until the end of the show, when she ran out as a...GASP....BOY!!!

OK, I think I'm finally done with picture mania.


Julio said...

Say hi to Seth, Betty and Charles. Nice pics,


Popcorn said...

Anyone would feel that happy about that lovely princess dress! Such good pics.

Roy said...

One little girl stood with her daddy after the show, and when she saw me, gasped and said, "She's real!"

Awesome. I love it.

Narci D said...

Love the picture of you with that little girl. Um, could she be any more in awe of you? ;)

FancyPants said...

Julio, will do.

Popcorn, thanks!

Roy, me too.

Southern Belle, only...she thinks I'm Belle, the girl she watches on her T.V. screen at home. The girl who lives in princess dresses and makes it possible for a hideous Beast to turn back into a prince. I'm not near as deserving of such adoration. =-)

Unknown said...

I am so glad that you loved the dress. I was very honored to design and make the dress for you and the theatre. Call me if you need of me. =D


Douglas said...

congrats. It sounds like a really neat show, especially the part about being the hero to lots of little girls.


FancyPants said...

Lauren!!! Hello! OK, everyone, if you need ANY article of clothing made for you EVER, contact this lovely lady, especially if that piece of clothing is a beautiful gold dress. Lauren, did you give me a card? Why can't I find it? Can you email me your contact info? I think Joe has my email address.

MB, thank you. It was a wonderful experience, and the little girls were one of the major highlights.

Professor Mojo said...

It was a lovely lovely dress on a very pretty lady with a fantastic voice...

--but all this free advertising for Lauren's dressmaking services...? Am I ever going to get my wife back?

--Mr. Lauren

FancyPants said...

Mr. Lauren! Hello to you, as well! Tell your wife not to be so dadgum good at it, and then maybe you can have her back. =-)

Unknown said...

Hahahaha. He's just jealous.